'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Jury Watch: 5 Reasons Vytas Must Get Redemption
'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Jury Watch: 5 Reasons Vytas Must Get Redemption
Hayley Igarashi
Hayley Igarashi
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Welcome back to another installment of Survivor (over) analysis! On this week's episode, the grand loved ones experiment has semi-officially bit the dust. Yep, it's all "water" now, folks. Every pair has been broken up, and even the faint promise of Redemption Island offers reuniting hope for only two pairs: Tina & Katie and Laura & Ciera.

However, I'm not concerned with those weepy/stoic mother-daughter pairs. This game needs to be all about Vytas moving forward. Here's why:

1. Tina and Katie are Black Holes of Bland Niceness

If I was rooting for the Survivor contestants I would most like to share a sandwich with, sure -- maybe Tina and Katie would be at the top of my list (still unlikely). These ladies are super pleasant, okay? They seem genuinely caring and loving and mild-mannered and blah, blah, blah. What casting producer gave these women their island tickets? No offense to the nice and normal, but this is not exactly riveting television. Vytas squeezed in more pizzaz into his single Redemption Island showing than Katie managed to stir up during the length of an entire episode. (Granted, show editors didn't seem stoked to include much of her footage.)

2. The Alliance tat Sticks Together is the Alliance that Bores Us at Home

Okay, so everyone likes a Big Bad Wolf -- especially players who refer to themselves as Big Bad Wolves. Tyson's great, really. He's diabolical and here to actually play the game. I want him to go all the way. What I don't want is his bland alliance of dudes (plus Ciera) to just float to the end, especially if the floating includes taking out the aforementioned Big Bad, as next week's teaser seemed to suggest. Stop being bland, Survivors! Take a note from Vytas' slightly dramatic playbook.

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3. Someone (Interesting) from the New Guard Needs to Nab a Final 3 Spot

To be fair, Vytas isn't the only new player to have a fair shot of taking the game by storm. He's just starting to look like the only intriguing/non-sheep one of the loved one brigade. Though should we talk about Ciera? She's sort of weaseling her way into an interesting, if still grim, position. As her mom brought up, Ciera might have a great shot of getting "taken" to the Final 3, but a bad chance of actually earning vote. Then again, Tyson seems to be wizening up to Ciera the Player.

4. This Would be Really Good for Vyas

Seriously, let's not forget about Vytas. He's had some tough times and he's just now working on mending his relationship with his brother. How awesome would a literal (sort of) redemption for him be? Just imagine the emotional bro tears. It's beautiful, right? We all need a little more beauty in our lives.

5. This Would be Really Good for Us

So I know Vytas is getting significantly less screen time, but remember the guy who promised vengeance against his transgressors? Or the guy who calmly told Jeff that he planned on winning a lot more of these Redemption Island duels? This is a guy who needs to stay in this game -- and not just from the jury bench. He knows how to turn an island reality competition into compelling television, and he's vindictive and cunning enough to actually be respected. Unfortunately, this same intelligence -- plus the confirmed jury votes of Aras, Tina, and Katie -- make Vytas a huge target. His best bet at this point is just winning a million back-to-back immunity challenges. Believe in Baskauskas miracles.

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