'Survivor' Alum Jonny Fairplay Injured in On Stage Incident with Danny Bonaduce
Survivor's Jonny Fairplay is back in the news, this time for getting beat up by Danny Bonaduce.  That was a weird sentence to write.  But, somehow, also true.  Just look at that picture.  It's a crazy-eyed Bonaduce hurling Jonny Fairplay over his shoulders.  What is this world coming to?  This is what went down: at the FOX Reality Awards last week, Fairplay was on stage presenting an award.  The audience then started booing.  Fairplay wondered aloud why the audience was booing.  Then, out of nowhere, Danny Bonaduce walks on stage and says something to the effect of “They're booing you because they don't like you.”  Fairplay then approached Bonaduce and gave him a massive bear hug/tackle.  He jumped on him, wrapping his arms and legs around The Partridge Family actor's body.  Bonaduce reacted by flinging Fairplay over his shoulders, causing the Survivor star to take a massive face plant on the stage.  Injured, Fairplay stumbled back stage.  Jonny Fairplay busted his face open, lost a front tooth and had to go through two and a half hours of emergency dental surgery. 

Jonny Fairplay has since filed a lawsuit against Bonaduce, but the authorities have said that Bonaduce is free from blame and Fairplay cannot sue him.  No charges will be filed.  First off, I had no idea that there was a FOX Reality Awards show.  I probably should have known, given that I write about TV for a living.  Now that a stunt like this occurred, I wish I would have tuned in.  Fairplay has always played the part of the villain, but it's mostly a ruse.  He's actually a pretty nice guy in real life.  His real name is Jon Dalton and when he was younger he studied to become a professional wrestler.  More specifically, he studied to be a villainous wrestler.  He's good at egging people on and becoming known as the bad guy, as evidenced by his time on Survivor

As for Bonaduce, the guy's a character.  It's possible that the two men had rigged this stunt from the beginning, and it just went horribly wrong on stage.  I doubt that Danny was seriously trying to injure Fairplay.  You can't anticipate someone falling on their head.  Even if it wasn't a stunt, how is Bonaduce supposed to react when he's being tackled?  Anyway, if you want to see video of the incident, TMZ has it at their website.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source and Image Courtesy of USA Today