Reality Check: Breakdowns, Dirty Players, and Quitters
This was certainly an interesting week for reality television.  On Monday, Hillary lost her mind when Brad eliminated her on The Bachelor.  Tuesday, Neil pulled one of the dirtiest moves in The Biggest Loser history.  Wednesday, Ebony decided she'd had enough and quit America's Next Top Model and on Thursday, it seems the only way players can get ahead in Survivor: China is to throw challenges!  Remember the good old days, before people figured out how to manipulate the reality tv system for more camera time or a leg up in the game?  Let's take a look back at this despicable week of reality television.

Monday: The Bachelor

Why is it that the whole world understood that Brad only liked Hillary as a friend but Hillary?  From the beginning, she liked him just a LITTLE BIT more than everyone else.  She fell harder, faster, and got more jealous than all the other women on the show combined.  Every time she got within ten feet of Brad, she was reduced to tears.  But when he finally eliminated her this past Monday, she made her past crying fits seem insignificant compared to the waterworks she turned on.  Pacing around, saying she couldn't breathe, leaning over like she was going to throw up, all after only a few weeks of knowing Brad.  Some women are more in love with the idea of being in love than the guy himself.

Tuesday: The Biggest Loser

When Jez got the power to switch the teams up into four trios, he thought he had it made in the shade.   He put himself with two of the biggest threats and competitors in the game: Isabeau of his black team and Neil, of the blue team.  What he didn't know was that Neil had a plan to get rid of the black team.  He drank two gallons of water prior to the weigh in which caused him to put on 17 pounds temporarily.  In Jez's interview with BuddyTV, he claims the entire blue team was in on it, which would explain why they kept Neil around.  What he did to get ahead is one of the lowest things I've ever seen any reality contestant do and it's hard to have respect for him as a player or root for him to win.  Let's hope the blue team learns to stand up for themselves and the integrity of the game and boot him ASAP.

Wednesday: America's Next Top Model

I can't even begin to imagine how many women would love to be part of America's Next Top Model.  It's the opportunity of a lifetime to work with well respected designers, photographers, and of course, Miss Tyra herself.  So when a contestant decides that she just can't handle it and packs up, it's hard to feel sorry for her.  Ebony says she didn't know what she was getting into and wasn't prepared for the reality show aspect of it.  Is there any other aspect?  It's not like you're there for serious modeling.  Not one participant in nine cycles has ever risen to superstardom since appearing on the show so you're really only there for the exposure.  Hey quitters, someone would have gladly taken your place on the reality show you walked away from.  Next time, think your decision to try out through.

Thursday: Survivor China

I get it.  Sometimes in Survivor, you need to throw a challenge in order to get ahead.  I'm not saying I respect it, but when you want to act as tacky as Jaime and PG did, it's hard to have any respect for them at all.  After all, you can win this game by playing with integrity.  Two perfect examples are Yul Kwon and Tom Westman, who also happen to be two of my favorite players of all time.  Nobody is ever going to root for a Fairplay, a Dreamz, or a PG.  You can't possibly make it to the end as a dirty player and you certainly will have no fans on the jury.  True Survivor fans want to see the game played right.   If you have to throw a challenge to save your butt, take a lesson from James this week and do it discreetly.  Nobody likes a gloater.

That's the week in reality.  Usually it's the good, the bad, and the ugly but for this week, it's really been mostly the bad and the ugly.  Here's my wish list for next week.  For The Bachelor, I wish for no tears.  For The Biggest Loser, I wish for karma.  For America's Next Top Model, I wish for people grateful for the opportunities given to them.  For Survivor, I wish for effort, justice, and Peih-Gee's exit.  I couldn't think of any other way to put it!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of NBC)