Exclusive Interview: Carolina Eastwood, 'Survivor: Tocantins' Contestant
Exclusive Interview: Carolina Eastwood, 'Survivor: Tocantins' Contestant
Survivor: Tocantins got off to a solid start last night, with interesting contestants, a great new setting in the Highlands of Brazil, and the first of (hopefully) many surprising tribal councils.  If I have one complaint, it's that the eliminated castaway, Carolina Eastwood, kind of got the shaft at tribal.  Being the first person voted off a Survivor season is a dubious honor typically reserved for either the old, the weak, or the ruthlessly annoying.  Carolina was none of these things, and got punished mainly because she wanted her camp to have a nice shelter.  Earlier today, we spoke to Carolina about her time on the show, the relative craziness of Sandy, and her planf for the future.

Below you will find both the mp3 audio of the interview, as well as the full written transcript.

Hey, this is Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV and I'm here with Carolina Eastwood from Survivor: Tocantins.  Carolina, how are you doing?

I am wonderful.  Hi, everybody.

Great.  I can't imagine it's too much fun being the first tribe member eliminated on Survivor.  Looking back, do you ever ask yourself, "Was it all worth it?"

It was worth it.  It was worth it beyond words.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Going back, how did you end up getting cast on the show, and were you a fan beforehand?

I was actually a fan of Survivor beforehand.  I wasn't like an obsessive fan, I would watch now and then,  If it was on TV.  But, I actually did like the show.  I was recruited.  I know a lot of fans don't like it when people are recruited but I was, and when I first, when the opportunity first presented itself, I thought it was a joke.  I was like, "OK, this is hilarious," but I took it and I ran with it and it was a journey of a lifetime.

The first impressions was the big theme of last night's episode.  What were your first thoughts about your tribe, who did you think were the weakest links and who do you think, looking back, you were more valuable then?

Believe it or not, I really...we had a really strong tribe, I mean, Sandy's pretty strong too.  We all had our own strengths in our own ways.  I, to be honest with you and god, I hate saying this but Spencer is really strong, and physically amazing, but he complained about not having his iPod, about not having the luxuries of what everyday life gives you.  And, in my mind, you're on Survivor, did you not realize that you were about to give everything up?  I felt like...I think Spencer's great.  But, I was like, "Wow, you know, I'm not complaining, but I guess you could say I was about us not having shelter and I was trying to help build it and you're complaining about an Ipod."  I feel like I should have stayed and maybe he should've gone.  But you know what, everyone one in Jalapao...Jalapao is an amazing tribe.  I'm so happy that that was the tribe that I was on and I can't really bad mouth any of them. 

It was a little weird watching the episode because the main complaint about you was that you were complaining, but it's not like you were complaining without giving any solutions.  You had ideas for stuff to do, and for the shelter and it felt like a weird reason to get rid of someone, was there more to it, or...

No!  There wasn't more to it.  There wasn't more to it.  The reality was we would start projects and they would never get finished.  It was so hot.  It was like 120, I think the hottest day was 137 degrees.  You would work for like an hour with no food and no water, and it was hot.  But, I was always cleaning around camp.  JT was working around camp.  We would always try to get things done.  What you don't see is that other people on the tribe would be like "We have to get stuff done. We have to get this done."  You see me saying it all but you don't see other people saying it which they were saying.  We would start projects...on the third day our shelter wasn't finished.  I'm sorry if you have people saying, "You know, just relax, chill out."  I'm like "OK, shelter is important because in shelter we can stay away from the heat, we can sleep, get away from the cold, and then we're prepared for challenges."  I don't know, I think that's smart.  But, obviously, me saying that got me in trouble and got me voted out.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda, but I have no regrets.

Watching last night's episode, did anything surprise you?

Joe surprised me.  Joe really surprised me, he kind of, it kind of hurt a little bit.  Because I love Joe so much, and to hear him call me bossy, I was taken back by it, because I'm the furthest thing from that.  I'm sorry if I'm someone that likes to get things done and take the bull by the horns, I'm sorry I don't like to be lazy and just go with the flow.  To hear him say that, was like, "Wow, OK."  I didn't expect that from him, so that was kind of shocking.  But, you know, last night's episode was what it was and I'm happy with everything.  I'm not happy about being first voted out, I worked so hard for Survivor.  I gained weight, I trained, I put my body through the ringer to get ready for Survivor.  It became my life, Survivor became everything to me and to have it taken away so early was...it hurt, but you know what, it was the journey of a lifetime, it was an experience that I will always cherish.  Survivor was the best gift that the lord ever gave me, that Mark Burnett and CBS ever gave me and I have no regrets. 

The biggest personality from last night, for me at least, was Sandy.  She's kind of a crazy person.  Is she really like that, or did they edit her to make her seem crazier than she actually is.?

Oh no, she's crazy.  Sandy is Sandy.  I love that woman to death, but homegirl is craaazy.  I mean crazy.  But she is who she is, man.  I love that lady.  But she's nuts.  What you see is who she is.  The edit on Sandy is perfect. 

Last question.  You have any big plans for the future?

You know, I moved out to LA three years ago to be an actor.  I've been wanting to be an actor before I could walk and talk.  It's been my biggest passion, my dream and that's why I moved out here.  Now, I'm focusing on my acting and one of my major goals is to be a host.  I want Jeff Probst's job.  Totally kidding, Jeff, totally kidding.  But, I just want to focus on my acting and focus on some charity work that's really important to me.  If you're not giving back, you're not living.  And I just really, really want to focus on the future and my career and hopefully I can give back to the things that I want to give back to.  I'm just chilling, man.  I'm just working really hard and just fulfilling my dreams and hoping they come true.  If you live the next five years of your life like most people won't, you can live the next thirty like most people can't, and I believe in that.  I don' think this is the end of me, so watch out (laughs).

Carolina, I appreciate you taking the time and we wish you luck in the future.

It was a pleasure talking to you.

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
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