Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 7 "One of Those Coach Moments" Recap (Page 2/2)
Joe and Erinn enjoy a little Exile date.  Erinn gets the clue, and thinks that there still may be a couple of idols available in the game still.  Oh, foolish Erinn.  Erinn tells Joe about the idol, that it's back at camp.  Erinn appears to be taking what Joe's tossing her way.  Good for you, Joseph.  Back at Jalapao, Taj and Stephen know that Joe will be searching for the idol once he gets back to camp, so Taj gets to work on making a fake idol.  Let's see if she's got some Yau-Man type skills.  The one she makes is pretty convincing, and she puts it in the hiding spot.

J.T. is about to go fishing with Stephen, and as he's looking for an empty bag, he finds the hidden immunity idol.  Stupid Taj.  Stephen tries to bluff his way through it, but decides to say that he already knew Taj had it.  To stop any bleeding, Stephen tells Taj that she should tell J.T. about it, which she promptly does.  This actually might secure Taj's place in the game for awhile.  But, it also could open up the door for some blind-siding. 

Immunity Challenge:

Each tribe will take turns shooting tiles with slingshots.  After each tile is broken, a bag of puzzle pieces is dropped to the ground.  Once all the tiles have fallen, two members of each tribe will attempt to solve the puzzle.  J.T. is shooting for Jalapao, Tyson for Timbira.  Tyson hits the first tile first, soon followed by J.T.  Tyson nails his third tile.  J.T. is struggling on the third tile, while Brendan and Erinn go to work on the puzzle. J.T. hits the third tile, with Joe and Stephen on puzzle duty.  Timbira wins immunity.  Don't mess the millionaire entrepreneur when it comes to puzzles.  That guy owns puzzles.

J.T. beats himself up after the immunity challenge.  No one blames him.  Joe has an infected thing on his leg.  Joe acts like he didn't get any clues from Erinn, but then runs off to find the idol.  Which he does, and he thinks it's the real one.  Poor Joe. 

Joe and Sydney are voting for Taj, and Sydney thinks everyone is doing the same.  Stephen and J.T. agree that it's Sydney who has to go home.  The problem – they have to explain why they've got to vote Sydney off Joej.  J.T. and Stephen talk to Joe in the water.  They say the reason is that Taj has made in-roads with Sierra and Brendan over in Exile.  Joe won't vote for Sydney.  J.T. and Stephen discuss voting off Taj – J.T. thought that she had the idol.  She doesn't.  Stephen does, which means they could get rid of Taj.  Decision, decisions....

Tribal Council 

Jeff talks to Jalapao about the merge.  Nothing all that interesting.  There's a lot of talk about Taj's potential to flip sides, given her relationships with the Timbira members she spent time with on Exile. 

Time to vote.  Here's how Jeff reads the votes:


Sydney Wheeler has been voted out of Survivor: Tocantins.  Take that Joe.  No more love crush for you. 

Also – the merge comes next week!


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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