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Back at camp Jerry is really hurting. He feels responsible for the challenge loss but he’s got tears in his eyes and can’t seem to stand. When Erinn finds out she makes the potentially game ending mistake of grinning from ear to ear. Coach rants wildly but Sierra’s not chasing squirrels, she‘s voting out the weakest member. Great idea, Sierra. You just don’t realize how bad of a moment it is to apply that strategy. Thankfully, Sierra has no power.

Brendan finds the Hidden Immunity Idol hidden under the skirt of the tree mail stand. He hides it under a rock. Another smart idea from Brendan. It’s never good to keep the Idol in your bag when you’re not on your way to Tribal Council. Snoopy tribe members always find it there. Brendan has obviously seen the show before and thought seriously about how to play.

Erinn talks in circles and figure eights about trying to decide whether or not to point out to everyone that Jerry is sick. Tyson says Erinn wants so, so badly to be here that blindsiding her would be really cool.

At Tribal Council, Jerry suggests Brendan should be the leader. Coach speaks up and says that on the truck he led by telling everyone with his eyes to vote out Sierra. He says he wants to be the leader because that’s what he’s used to doing. I’m positive Coach realizes why the title of leader is regarded as a booby prize when this conversation comes up at Tribal Council this season. Receiving it is an honor on par with getting an Over The Hill whoopee cushion from Spencer Gifts. In the premiere Sandy admitted she’s a little crazy. She is. Coach is a lot crazy and not in a charming Kentucky bus driver way.

The tribe votes. When the verdict it’s:


Jerry looks really sad as he leaves. This is one of the most disappointing pre-merger boots in eighteen seasons, and there have been a few. Once every three seasons or so there’s a pre-merger boot that really breaks your heart to watch. Going into the episode Jerry would have been my pick to win. From the perspective of this episode the surprise boot is very compelling. From the perspective of the next ten episodes Jerry’s departure is bad news. I’m not looking forward to ten more episodes of Coach’s wild eyed histrionics and Erinn’s growing neuroses.

Next week on Survivor Tyson goes for the Greg Buis Golden Coconut Phone gong when he gets naked again and dances in a grass skirt; Sydney lays on the sex appeal and the guys are sweating; two parrots engage in beak to beak combat; and Taj asks Stephen whether he wants to be a part of the biggest upset in Survivor history.


-Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Staff Writer