Survivor: Tocantins: Episode 2, "The Poison Apple Needs to Go" Recap (Page 2/2)
Back at camp, Spencer's fired up. Sandy's relieved. The ominous foreshadowing was indeed a red herring. Stephen says J.T. has emerged as the clear tribal leader and much to his surprise he's become good friends with the country boy. J.T. agrees that they work well together. Every time we've seen Stephen he's been painting himself as a goofy, gangly, angst ridden New York Jew who can't bond with country boys. Get over it, Stephen. Just make friends with people.

Exile Island is deep in the desert with towering dunes of red sand - Lawrence of Arabia stuff, just on another continent. Brendan's clue says the Idol is in the tribal homelands. He can't figure out where that is and goes on and on about his confusion (even though Sierra already told him it was back at camp.) Apparently he thinks this is a different Hidden Immunity Idol. Taj asks to see the note - just to see the paper, to see what it looks like. He waves it at her. She asks to come with him. Easily defeated, he gives in and reads her the clue. Taj tells him right off where it is. She thinks it's obvious. And she was stupid enough to tell everyone her husband was Eddie George, so what does that say about Brendan?

Candace, in a moment of sheer brilliance, decides to target Coach. Seriously. Coach. The outdoor adventurer. The record holder for the longest single-person kayak expedition. The best athlete on the tribe. She's decided she's going to get him out first. Debbie runs back to Coach and tells him. He says the poison apple needs to go.

Candace keeps arguing intensely to anyone who will listen, turning her attention to Sierra. But you just get the feeling she's like a car trying to make it up a steep gravel hill. The more she spins her wheels the further backward she's sliding. She needs to shut up.

Jerry sits back watching it all, laughs and shakes his head. No scene - just a throw away image. That's a good sign for Jerry. Nice foreshadowing. Jerry may not be involved in most of these conversations but the editors just made a clear statement that Jerry is almost beyond the game he's so comfortable in his position. His absence from most of the plotting is, apparently, not a sign that he's a passive follower.

At Tribal Council an interesting conflict develops when Erinn says you have to be careful who you trust and Debbie Debbie rather hotly informs her that she's built trust with several people because they all have to trust each other in order to survive the elements as a team. Either Debbie is naive as all get out or she's playing the game hard.

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Next time on Survivor the tribes gets huge piles of grain dumped on top of them and Taj makes a secret four way alliance. Her surroundings are nearly pitch black but the voice who responds is a deep Southern male. I think it's J.T. rather than Joe, meaning Stephen would be a third member of the alliance.


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