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Tribal Council

Stephen makes his opening statement.  He talks about they were partners in strategic crime, and that he has grown up a lot during the game (is that really a valid reason to vote for somebody).  J.T. isn't nearly as eloquent as Stephen, but he's more natural, more genuine and he's very humble.  Dammit - J.T. has to be one of the most likable humans on the planet. 

Jury Questions 

Brendan asks Stephen my question - why does personal growth matter when deciding a winner?  Stephen gives a non-answer.  J.T. succinctly makes his point - growth does not matter.  This gets J.T. and Stephen bickering at each other about Stephen flying under the radar.

Erinn asks why should she vote for Stephen when most of the alliances he was involved in fell apart.  Stephen gives another non-answer.  She asks J.T. why she brough Stephen to the final two, and J.T. says his piece about loyalty and whatnot.

Debbie is next, and says she is still undecided.  She's upset that J.T. lied.  THIS IS SURVIVOR.  Debbie asks if J.T. would be up there with him had he won the final immunity.  After much badgering, Stephen finally answers and says it probably would have been Erinn up there.

Coach Time!  He's proud to see the Warrior and the Wizard up there.  Again, it's about honesty.  J.T. explains again that, BECAUSE THIS IS SURVIVOR, he couldn't be completely honest with everyone all the time.  Stephen brings up the point that he's been noble during tribal by not saying anything bad about J.T. yet tonight.

Sierra is petty and mean and awful, basically sayign that Erinn and Stephen are extremely weak players.  And then she says that she lost a lot of respect for J.T. because he didn't take the strongest people to the final two. 

Tyson asks if Stephen helped J.T. get to the final.  J.T. says that he thinks he could have made it to the final without Stephen, and this really hurts Stephen's feelings.  I think Tyson just wanted the two dudes to get pissed at each other.

Taj decides to be a drama queen.  She says she's crushed and disappointed.  She asks J.T. why it seemed effortless to write her name down - J.T. says it was his hardest vote.  Taj also feels betrayed by Stephen, and then Stephen drops the bomb that J.T. had been thinking about getting rid of Taj for awhile.  J.T. pipes up and says that idea to get Taj out was a joint idea.  Stephen retorts by saying that there were a lot of times earlier in the game when J.T. tried to get rid of Taj and he talked J.T. out of it.

Stephen and J.T. are really pissed at each other.  Both appear extremely disappointed in the other.  Kind of awkward, even.  Time for the final vote, everybody.  The show is running over, which means that the reunion special will be shorter, which is fine by me.

As always, the final votes are read live from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.  I miss the old days, when Jef Probst would arrive by helicopter or parachute down into the city with the dramatic tribal music playing behind him. 

I love the reveal of the Survivors on live TV.  Who's gotten fat?  Which ladies look worse with make-up on? 

Eddie George in the house.  J.T. has gained some weight back, and Stephen is still rocking the beard, looking very nerdy.  Here are the votes (remember, the jury voted for either J.T. or Stephen):

J.T. (The Warrior)...definitely Coach's vote

Wow.  That's all that was needed.

James Thomas, Jr. wins one million dollars.  Congratulations, sir, you deserved it.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer