Survivor: Tocantins - Season Finale, Live Thoughts (Page 4/5)
Erinn drops one of her balls as they get to the third ball.  Stephen and J.T. make it to four balls, Stephen almost dropping a couple of times. 

J.T. WINS!  And, in doing so, I believe J.T. has won a million dollars.  I don't say any way around it.

Is there anything Erinn can do now?  She has a sit down J.T. and starts planting some seeds again.  Erinn tells J.T. that Stephen told her that he would take her to the final two.  She also talks about how the jury doesn't really like her, and the votes would mostly go J.T.'s way.  She also makes the point that Stephen is very eloquent, and might just talk up a storm during the tribal inquisition.  J.T. is really thinking about it now.

Stephen talks to J.T., and finds that J.T. really is wavering.  J.T. needs to do what's best for him, and that is probably taking Erinn to the final two.  Tough decision coming up.

Tribal Council

The jury shows up, and Taj can't even look at J.T. and Stephen.  Erinn makes her case, Stephen makes his case.  Erinn's is based on logic, and Stephen's is based on sentimentality.  When playing for a million dollars, you're going to want to side with logic. Stephen really gets kind of pathetic at the end here, trying to plead his case.  Probst has some fun with Stephen, making fun of his appeal to loyalty.  Only one vote in this tribal - who will it be, J.T.?

Erinn has been voted off.  Not sure if it was the correct move, but I'm not sure it matters either way.  J.T. versus Stephen in the final.

J.T. and Stephen get to enjoy their breakfast together!  It's a full bloomed bromance.  A bromance for the ages.  This final two pairing was inevitable.

"We're going to be friends for life," Stephen tells J.T.  How obnoxiously adorable.  You have to respect these guys for making a plan early, sticking to it and executing it perfectly.  The men drink some bubbly and toast each other.  "It tastes like victory," says Stephen.  Funny.

The question is: will these guys be willing to take off the gloves and fight each other at tribal.  J.T. says he will fight.  Stephen says he will fight.  I'm trying to convince myself that Stephen has a chance here, but I just can't do it.  Maybe if he can make it seem like he was the mastermind all along, Stephen could get some votes.

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