Survivor: Tocantins - Season Finale, Live Thoughts (Page 3/5)
So, this makes things very interesting.  In the quick preview, we see that Erinn is going to try to pit Stephen and J.T. against each other.  This is something she absolutely has to do, and will do.  It won't take much to convince both guys that they have a better chance in the final tribal if they take her.  If she's able to pull it off and make the final two, Erinn will then be able to say that she was kind of a mastermind towards the end.  Erinn might win this whole thing.  Remember, it's all Timbira on the jury, pretty much, and all them were taken down by J.T. and Stephen.

The final three return to camp.  J.T. isn't all that pleased with having to get rid of Taj.  J.T. says that Erinn "is the most annoying person in the world and won't shut up."  That's harsh.  But, to be fair, J.T. probably isn't used to uppity city girls out there in the tranquil cattle fields.  Erinn does get pretty annoying, though, I must admit.

Erinn tells Stephen that she will take him to the final immunity challenge.  Stephen says that he kind of dreads winning tonight's immunity challenge, because it'll force him to make a horrible decision.  J.T. makes Stephen agree that they'll take each other to the final two.  Stephen would be a moron to take J.T. to the finals, however.  An absolute moron.

Before the final immunity challenge, the last three have to do the whole "fallen comrades" thing with all the torches and whatnot.  God, this is always the worst twenty minutes of the finale.  The dramatic music, the paying of respects to all the fellow castaways as if they were dead.

Carolina - Annoying voice, large-chested.
Candice - The most annoying, awful woman in the entire world.  Also - large-chested. 
Jerry - If Jerry didn't get sick, he could have made some waves. 
Sandy - Absolute crazy person, hippie, probably a former drug addict. 
Spencer - Young dude who is supposedly dating Todd Herzog, former Survivor winner.
Sydney - Best looking Survivor castaway ever?  Also, a good person.
Joe - Good guy, tough luck getting injured.
Brendan - It must suck to be one of the dragons slayed by the Dragon Slayer.
Tyson - One of the most bizarre humans in Survivor history.
Sierra - Underrated contestant, took a lot of undue crap from Coach.
Debbie - Nice lady, smart woman, shouldn't have stayed with Coach.
Coach - The final three talk lovingly of Coach, calling him the most honest person in the game.  He quotes Nietszhe once again, also bringing up the Vikings and the American Indians in his voice-over.
Taj - Love Taj.  Cool person, should not have stood pat in the end. 

Final Immunity Challenge

J.T. says that he is winning this final immunity challenge no matter what, that it will take congress to make him step down, that his body will have to fail him.  I'm not going to bet against the man.

So, this is a crazy challenge.  With one hand tied behind their backs, the castaways have to place a ball in crazy, twirly metal shoot.  The ball zips around and comes out at the bottom, where they have to catch the ball and put it back in the top of the shoot.  Multiple balls are then added, until there's eight total.   Players are eliminated from the challenge when one of their balls hits the ground.  Bizarre, kind of a mental workout, but a cool challenge to end on.

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