Survivor: Tocantins - Season Finale, Live Thoughts (Page 2/5)
J.T. gets to work on his puzzle, but Stephen is fairly close behind.  Taj and Erinn follow a little ways back, and everyone is now getting to work on the puzzle.  Erinn looks to be catching up, and Stephen is making up some ground.  J.T. gets down to one piece remaining, but has no idea where it goes.  He messed something up, but he finishes first, seconds before Erinn can finish her puzzle.

Very close.  So, Erinn is the obvious one to go, especially with J.T. winning the immunity.  Erinn is pretty devastated about it. 

CBS continues with the inexplicable spider motif, opening after the commercial break with shots of spiders lounging on rocks.  Taj says that any win by one of the three Jalapao was going to work out, because J.T. and Stephen have her back.

Erinn tries to figure out what to say to about Taj that will allow her to stay in the game.  Erinn decides to explain that Taj is so likable that she will win the jury vote, hands down.  So, she says her piece to the two dudes, makes it succinct, and plants the seeds of doubt in their minds.  Stephen, knowing that he'll have an uphill battle versus Taj of J.T. seems to strongly consider voting Taj out.  He probably should.  Going up against Erinn in the final tribal might be his only way to win a million dollars.

Tribal Council

The jury arrives, Coach still wielding his Dragon Cane.  Erinn utters the word "self-preserverence," which is certainly not a word. Erinn keeps it mostly humble, and makes it seem voting her off is a done deal.  Stephen talks a little about looking out for number one.  Probst calls Stephen out, in a kind of brutal manner.  I think Taj might be bounced tonight.  Erinn gives herself a 33% chance of making it through this vote.  Here's how the votes shake out:


WOOOW!!  Taj has been voted out, blind-sided by her two dudes.  She does not look terribly pleased, the jury is very surprised and Erinn takes it all in stride.  In her post-interview, Taj says that if Erinn finds a way to weasel herself into the final two, she has her vote. 

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