'Survivor: Samoa' Recap: Welcome to the One-Tribe Show (Page 2/2)
Yasmin's not bent on being the quiet observer, quickly gathering Foa Foa and giving them a pep talk.  Well, sort of.  She says she wants to help the team, thinking the fight's already lopsided, but it looks like she's really hitting the team for not knowing what to do.  Like, whatever, Yas.  And then she calls out Ben, takes him aside, and literally starts an argument, because a dude hitting a girl is not right.  It quickly descends to chaos.

"Listen, grammar school."

"Listen, ignorant."

Basically, they hate each other.  Let's leave it at that.

Ben's not really happy: in the middle of the night, he starts chopping wood, while everybody's sleeping.  Inevitably, the following morning, people want him out, but not just quite.  Betsy's also on the chopping block, too, her age getting in the way of the challenges.  Small Russell wants her out because she threatened him.  (Then Ashley's next.  Then Ben stays.  Oh no.)  Mick wants her out just to win a challenge.  Ashley wants Ben out, thinking his attitude is a liability.

As for Yasmin?  Her letter's a clue to hidden immunity, which makes no sense because (1) she's not willing to look under so many trees in her time there, and (2) Russell already found it.

While all that's happening, the only thing we see from Galu is Shambo fishing, and unsuccessfully because visibility's poor, and her taking a swim, and her losing the mouthpiece in the swamp, and Laura thinking she's desperate.  Lopsided, yes.

Tribal council pretty much went that way, with talk going towards Marisa's elimination (goodbye negative force, says Liz), Yasmin's visit, and the Bensy battle.  It's obvious Russell takes Ben's side, and it's obvious Betsy feels alone and surrounded, unjustifiably.  Ben's confident that despite what Mick called his "three strikes"--the challenge, the argument and the wood--his chances of winning are "as good as the others".

It did happen.  Yasmin left before voting, so she doesn't know that Betsy was the third person to leave the show.  She is alone: she's the only person to vote for Ben.  "If they don't realize their mistake, the whole tribe will go down," she says.

Next week, Russell continues with the Marisa approach, and gets enemies in the process.  And Shambo?  Frustrated over yoga.


- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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