#5 Survivor: Fiji - This Season's Stupidest Moments, Part Two
#5 Survivor: Fiji - This Season's Stupidest Moments, Part Two
5. Moto sending someone home to keep comfort.

In Episode Four, Moto tribe was given a choice: comfort versus cannibalization. They could either switch camps with the Ravu tribe, and leave their creature comforts, or give up the immunity they just won and go to tribal council that evening.

On the face of it, this might have been a smart choice. After all, Ravu was losing a lot due to their physical weakness which was a result of having no resources at camp. Moto might have thought that by sacrificing one for the strength of the many, they were making the best of the situation.

However, this one action – voting off one of their own – potentially had far-reaching ramifications. Not only did they vote off Liliana Gomez, they also happened to lose Gary Stritesky to a medical emergency. Moto had physical strength, but by the middle of the game, it turned out that the Moto-controlled alliance (who by now had to move to the Ravu camp anyway) needed those numbers. If those two players hadn’t been forced out at that point, Alex Angarita’s alliance might have been able to make more of the power plays he kept trying to get to work. 

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