#5 Survivor: Fiji - This Season's Stupidest Moments, Part One
#5 Survivor: Fiji - This Season's Stupidest Moments, Part One

5. No coffee for you!

When the Haves – Moto camp – got a reward of coffee supplies to take back to camp, some castaways had a harder time of it than others. No, they didn’t have an adverse reaction to the caffeine. Cassandra Franklin and Dre “Dreamz” Herd were both unfamiliar with the French-press style coffee maker and couldn’t quite get it to work. Stacey Kimball and Lisi Linares both pointedly refused to help and earned the disgust of many a viewer.

Later, in exclusive interview with Buddy TV, Stacey said this was due to a previous negative encounter with Dreamz. Nevertheless, just from a strategic standpoint, it’s never a good idea to feed a feud with a fellow tribe member, and the coffee incident could have been a chance for her to smooth over any rough feelings with Dreamz and possibly create a better connection and ally for the future.


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