Interview with 'Survivor's' Tyrone Davis: 'They're All Shady Out There'
Interview with 'Survivor's' Tyrone Davis: 'They're All Shady Out There'
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Survivor: Nicaragua had it's best episode of the season last night. The once weak Espada tribe was given new life when four members of La Flor joined forces with Holly, Dan, Yve and Tyrone. Unfortunately for Tyrone Davis, the one-time frontrunner just couldn't keep his appetite in check to last another day. I had a chance to talk with the Fire Captain from Inglewood, CA about his Survivor experience, and you are never going to believe who he is rooting for to win the game.  

How are you doing Tyrone?

I'm doing fantastically well thank you.

I really didn't think I'd be talking to you this early.

Hey I appreciate that.

Let's start backwards. Last night when you were voted off Jeff called it a blindside. But it was difficult to tell by the look on your face if you were surprised or not. Did you see it coming?   

Me and my face always gets me in trouble. Yeah Jeff said it was a blindside, but that's his job right, to be a pot-stirrer. But no, I didn't see it as a blindside. I knew there was high potential I'd be going. I was on the Espada tribe and there were three and a half of us that remain, because Holly you can't count as a full person, because she's crazy. I talked to Yve to try to get her to connect with Holly because we didn't connect for whatever reason and I knew that she, more than Dan, would be the unstable vote and it only took five votes.

Watching last night it looked like NaOnka had given up and was ready to turn herself in, but you didn't seem to be doing any scheming to save yourself.

In retrospect what I may have done differently is try to talk to Holly myself instead of conditioning Yve who isn't the sharpest tool in the shed either. I guess I could have tried to connect more with the guys but they were playing the game more on an individual level.

Tyrone_Davis.JPGHow much of Espada voting you off had to do with you eating too much chicken and being their dad around camp versus wanting to vote a strong threat off?

I think it was a combination of all those things. I didn't eat all the chicken, of course that's how they made it look on television. I made sure everybody ate before I did and I didn't take all that was left. What you saw me gnawing on was chicken bone. I was eating gristle and cartilage which was the stuff people didn't want to eat.

So it had to do with that but I also think it had to do with the power thing. This guys too strong or whatever but they're kids and I guess they don't want to be told what to do.  

What aspect of the game was the most challenging for you?

Well it definitely wasn't the physical part. It wasn't the mental part either. I guess maybe the social part.

What's the best thing you've taken from this experience?

It was just fun dude. People ask me what did you learn, I don't know that I learned anything other than that I am resourceful. I was able to build a shelter with a machete and some Tarzan vines and be creative in that way. I believe that challenges are put in front of me and it's upon me if I want to tackle it.

From a social perspective I learned I need to placate or pacify the younger generation a little bit and realize that their needs may be different from my generation's needs.

Now that you are out of the game who are you rooting for to win the whole thing?




Everyone I've spoken with from Espada all say Jane, but now I take it you're not a Jane fan?

Yeah Jane's a little shady.

Anyone from the La Flor tribe you want to see win?

Nah, I don't know enough about them to pick someone. America loves Chase cause he looks like a good ol' boy and he has a story to tell. He comes off a certain way, which is cool, but Chase is shady too. I learned that a day in, they're all a little shady. I ain't winning, so the hell with the whole lot of 'em. Just joking, it doesn't matter who wins.

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