Final Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Jessica 'Sugar' Kiper
Final Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Jessica 'Sugar' Kiper
29 year old actress Jessica "Sugar" Kiper, who once had a short-lived run on The Gilmore Girls, had a shorter lived run on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. She was the first person voted out.

Sugar's three days and nights in Samoa were a lot less fun than the three days and nights I spent eating Samoas, the delicious coconutty Girl Scout cookies. She cried several times, kept the tribe awake, and followed in a long Survivor tradition of trying to molest Colby Donaldson. 

Poor Colby! The ladies just love him a little bit too much.

The rumor Sugar had been working hard to start was that she and a different cowpoke - rancher J.T. - were going to be the next Rob and Amber. But he voted her off in the first episode. So maybe not so much....

Sugar no doubt wouldn't object to being labeled a social misfit; but the way she irritated her tribe is nothing to brag about, which raises the question: Are we sure these Heroes are all they're cracked up to be?  
I asked Sugar about the Heroes worthiness of their tribe moniker, her proudest moment on the series, and her (apparently) short lived flirtation with J.T.

Winning the reward challenge topless: Embarrassing blooper or proud achievement?

Are you kidding? Proud achievement! Thanks you Sandra!

Injury update: At the point you got voted out, was Stephenie's shoulder as good as new?

I'm sure her shoulder was still hurt. We were only three days in.

How was Rupert managing to get around so well with a shattered toe?  

Rupert was in a lot of pain but was trying to hide it.

Some former contestants have said that if they couldn't win, they were happy they got voted off first. Would you rather have gone home first or a few episodes in?

First and with a bang! I pretty much got my own movie last [Thursday] night, no?  

Did the heroes tribe act like heroes?

Not at all! [Laughs] The villains were much better at their parts.

You've done a lot of Survivor charity events. Did your preexisting relationships have any impact on the game?

Apparently not. Wah wahhhhhhhhh........

A lot of your fans were excited about you and JT, and disappointed for you that it didn't work out. Is there anything you could share with them about that?

Only that I have a hot Cuban boyfriend right now.

-Interview conducted by Henry Jenkins 
(Image courtesy of CBS)