Exclusive 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Tyson Apostol Exit Interview
Exclusive 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Tyson Apostol Exit Interview
Last week on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains we lost two strong characters--a hero-turned-horror--and an egomaniac who hadn't changed a bit since their first season.

Tyson Apostol, like death and taxes, is a reliable force of nature. He may dominate the weak, taunt the hopeless and brag about his superior intellect for the rest of his life. And who won't miss that leopard print mankini?

Tyson is the bread and butter that reality show producers feed off of, but a cut above. He's not your average cocky reality show pretty boy douche bag. He's above average, and he'd be the first to tell you so.

I asked Tyson about his game-ending blunder, his relationships with JT and Courtney, and his interesting name.   

Do you credit Russell with talking you into making a mistake, or did you make it totally on your own?  

I take full credit for taking myself out of the game. I'm the only one smart enough and strong enough to take me out.

Having played with JT before, were you surprised by the less trustworthy way he has played the game this season?

No, people do what they've got to do.  I don't think he played any less trustworthy. Perhaps we just saw it this time.

Why have the villains consistently crushed the heroes in the challenges?

For the most part, I think the villains are more intelligent than the heroes. Smarts go a long way in this game and the challenges.  I also think we stayed calmer under pressure.

We haven't seen much of Courtney. Did you two get along?

I got along splendidly with Courtney!  I wish they would show more of her. She's an entertaining bundle of joy!

At one time you were a professional cyclist. Do you still compete? What are you doing now?

I don't compete professionally as a cyclist anymore.  I do compete on a local level from time to time.  I do more running, mountain biking and some triathlons now.  I'm traveling a lot and having fun, like I always do.
Apostol is usually a Russian or Romanian name. Is your family from that region?

Apostol is actually Greek.  When my great grandfather did the immigration paper work to get into the US, they cut the name from Apostolopolus or something similar to that.  Forgive me if I spelled that wrong.

Thank you, Tyson.  

(Image Courtesy of CBS)

-Interview by Henry Jenkins