Exclusive Interview: Yau-Man Chan of 'Survivor: Micronesia'
Exclusive Interview: Yau-Man Chan of 'Survivor: Micronesia'
Just because I predicted this would happen doesn't mean I'm happy about it.  On last night's episode of Survivor: Micronesia, Yau-Man Chan became the third person eliminated from the game.  The Malakal tribe had divided into two tribes.  One one side, there was Ozzy, Amanda, James, and Parvati.  On the other, Jonathan, Ami, Eliza, and Yau-Man.  Cirie sat in the middle, as a powerful swing vote.  While some argue that the smart move would have been to break up the Malakal couples, Cirie thought it would be a better decision for her to take out Yau-Man.  Today, he spoke to BuddyTV about his fellow tribemates and coming back to the game for a second chance at a million dollars.

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everybody, this is Gina from BuddyTV, and today I'm talking to Yau-Man from Survivor: Micronesia. Was it too hard to convince you to come back and play Survivor a second time?

No, not at all. The first time I was so close to the end that when they asked me I said, "Oh yes, I get another chance."

You must get asked a lot, but do you have any bad feelings about the way you went out the first time you played?

No, not really. I mean, I wish it had ended a little bit differently, but on the other hand I played it hard. There's a cruelty, I knew it going in and I was prepared for it.

When you came back for Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites, were you familiar with all the favorites who came back? Did you watch their seasons?

No. I did not know who would be coming back, so when I was asked to come back for this I didn't know who would be coming back. I was speculating, trying to guess from who were the most interesting characters, and I think I guessed a couple people correct. But when I saw them, for example they have three from Cook Islands -- Parvati, Ozzy, and Jonathan. Unfortunately when the Cook Islands season was on we were filming the Fiji series, so I didn't see Jonathan and Ozzy, how they played their season. I was missing most of their character, so going in there and meeting them I have to just guess that since they're from the same season they probably know each other and they've somehow made friends with each other. It's the same with the two women from Vanuatu and the two from China. The China season was still on the air when we went to film Micronesia.

So when you saw the Malakal tribe, was there anyone there you bonded with the most?

Yes, I bonded quickly with Jonathan, because I guess he's an older guy and he's married with kids like me. We have a lot in common. Also with Ami, she turned out to be very nice, certainly a very different persona than we see on TV in the Vanuatu season.

In the first episode, Jonny Fairplay said that you're not as nice as you look. When he fell into that boat, that couldn't have been intentional, was it?

No, I did not intentionally do anything to harm him. We were both diving for the idol and he hit his head against the boat. It's a better story for him to tell everybody that I pushed him into the boat.

What happened last night? I was shocked that you ended up going out. I really thought it was going to be one of the couples -- Ozzy and Amanda or James and Parvati. How did it end up being you, do you know?

Well, I think what happened was that there were two four-way alliance, and Cirie was in the middle. We thought that my alliance, me and Jonathan and Ami and Eliza thought that it must not be too difficult to convince her to join up with our alliance and break up the couple. We were targeting Parvati. For some reason she felt threatened by the presence of Jonathan in our alliance, then they had a big argument about Jonathan and how he played a dirty game in Cook Islands, and so on and on and on. By the end of that argument I go oh no, this is not a good thing. It looks like it's not good for me, because I'm aligned with Jonathan. I would think that the target should be the couple. In this type of game you don't want anybody coupling up so soon.

Isn't it a bad strategy for Cirie to be aligned with two couples because she would be the one who's dispensable?

That's what we thought. It was so obvious for Cirie to be aligned there, she's the fifth person, she'll be way on the outside right away. So we didn't think it'd be difficult to convince her that she should join up with us and split up the couples.

You have such a great reputation with Survivor fans. Did you know how big of a target you were going to be when you came back? If you made it to final two, you'd pretty much be a sure bet to win.

Yeah, I knew that going in there on this round I would be a big target, because I could not play the feeble old man type of game, I had to do it a little bit differently. I guess I couldn't do it that different. I still became a target and I could not get to know the people very well, their personalities, early enough. I kind of completely missed out on Cirie and how much of a power player she can be. Having missed out on that, I didn't realize that she has such a power of persuasion to get her way when she put her mind to it.

Do you have anything you want to say to your fans? You've got a lot of fans at BuddyTV.

Well, I would like to thank my fans, and I'm sorry that I disappointed them this season. I really thought I could go much further, but thank you for cheering me on when I was still on.

Thank you so much Yau-Man, I appreciate it.

Thank you.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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