Exclusive Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' James Clement
James Clement is one of those unlikely heroes that Survivor thrives on. For one thing, he's a grave digger with a voice as deep as Death itself. He casts an awesome shadow, and he was hard not to gawk at when I ran into him at the Survivor 10th Anniversary party. But you can tell that James is self-conscious when talking to anyone.

He has no reason to be shy. He's a very handsome man with ripped abs and a smile that makes girls melt. Aside from some ugly conversations with Jean-Robert in China he seems like one of the world's gentlest giants. The man is just a bit timid, especially around women.

Perhaps that's why he was voted America's Favorite Player on back to back seasons. America just feels the need to tell James to hold his chin up high. Will his contingent turn out again this season?

I asked Jason about his social confidence, his work as a grave digger and his tribe of superstar athletes on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

Hi, James! So, grave digging is a pretty unusual profession. I was wondering how you got into that.

I was born into the life of grave digging. My great grandfather started his business in the 1930s, passed it down to my dad, and now it's my turn.

Do you plan to make it a lifelong career, or do you have another goal in mind?

Continuing to run my family business is very important to me, but anytime an opportunity comes my way to earn some extra money - hey I'm down! [Chuckles]

When we first saw you in China, you told Leslie Nease that you didn't feel comfortable with the social aspect of the game. Do you feel comfortable with it yet?

Hell no! Not comfortable [Pauses] but I have become a little better. I mean, I will never be a 'social butterfly' but it's getting easier [Pauses] kind-of.

If you hadn't been injured in Micronesia, how do you believe the season would have turned out?

I have no idea, but it sucks that I had to leave the game because of a bo-bo on my finger! If it wouldn't have been for that, I think that the longer I would have stayed in the game, the greater my chances would have been. I always play to win!

With you, Colby, Tom, Rupert and JT working together, can the Heroes be beaten in the challenges?

No! How 'bout that answer! [Grin]

You had some friction with Courtney in China. Were you glad she wasn't on your tribe this time?

We really didn't have any fiction. No, she would have been a good tribe member because she does work and you always need a skinny person to fit into things in challenges!

Amber won All Stars. Parvati won Fans vs. Favorites. Who presents a bigger threat - a dominant player like you or a quiet girl who can ride coattails?

Simple answer. The girls! The girls! Always the girls! Enough said!

-Interview conducted by Henry Jenkins