Exclusive Interview With Ashley Trainer of 'Survivor: Samoa'
Exclusive Interview With Ashley Trainer of 'Survivor: Samoa'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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No one seemed to enjoy being a part of Survivor: Samoa quite as much as Ashley Trainer. After 15 days of losing, starvation, torrential rain and Russell Hantz, Jaison has cracked like an egg. But Ashley didn't stop grinning the whole time.

Unfortunately last night on Survivor: Samoa the elements conspired against the 22 year old recent college graduate from Maple Grove, Minnesota. She gagged up her smoothie, and that's nothing compared to how badly she choked in the immunity challenge. After finding a way out of being voted off twice before, Ashley found herself unable to turn the tide of tribal opinion while 48 straight hours of rain kept the tribe shelter-bound.

Earlier today I had a chance to ask Ashley why she was so enthusiastic to compete in the gross food challenge, why she wanted to send the tribe's strongest athletes on a quest she believed was a tribal switch, and whether the rumors were true that she was already friends with a lot of past contestants before the game.  

Q: You actually seemed excited to be playing the gross food challenge. Were you? Having seen it on previous seasons did you feel confident in your ability to tackle it?
I was so excited for the food challenge. I truly thought I would be a strong competitor. I had the worst possible food to eat and not to mention it was hardly blended. My body couldn't take it and I tried my best. If I had a little more time I probably would have been able to get it down.

Q: Rumor has it that you were friends with a lot of previous contestants before the series. Is that true? And if so, how did you get to know them?
I have met previous contestants, however I am not friends with any of them. I went to the Survivor Gabon finale with a friend that loves the show. I have pictures with a bunch of past Survivors but I am a fan of the show so I was honored to meet them. Although, I haven't talked to any of them since the Finale in December.

Q: Last week the two tribes were asked to choose members for a mystery quest. Did you ever think, "Maybe this is a tribal mix-up. Maybe we shouldn't send Mick and Russell"?
Yes I thought it was a mix up for sure. We decided to send Russell because we knew he would be able to make alliances with the other tribe. We had to send Mick because he was our leader. To be honest I was hoping for a mix-up!

Q: In hindsight, are you glad you got to experience 48 hours of pounding rain? And if you had the choice would you have rather missed out on it? Remember, you'd no longer be able to brag that you toughed it out.
The rain was the worst experience ever, but I am so proud to say I got through it when times were tough. If I could have missed it I would have because I think the rain went against me when it came to me getting voted out.

Q: By the time you went home did you know that Russell Hantz wasn't a firefighter from New Orleans? And did you know that he had the Hidden Immunity Idol?
I had a bad feeling about Russell and I was figuring out his nasty games. I didn't know for sure though. I had no idea he had the idol.

Q: We haven't seen much of Natalie on the show. Give us some insight into her. What kind of person is she?
Natalie is a total sweetheart and I will be friend's with her for life. She is an amazing person and we helped each other when times got tough. She is great at developing friendships.


-Interview conducted by Henry Jenkins
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