Exclusive Interview: Sierra Reed, from 'Survivor: Tocantins'
Exclusive Interview: Sierra Reed, from 'Survivor: Tocantins'
Sierra Reed had an ominous beginning to her Survivor journey.  In the very first episode of Survivor: Tocantins, Sierra was "voted out" of her tribe before anyone could speak to each other.  Of course, it was a fake vote, signifying the silliness of making snap judgments, but from that point on Sierra made it her quest to prove herself a worthy castaway.  Whether you think she succeeded or not is up to you, but Sierra showed a whole lot of fight in the last two episodes, especially last night, when she stood up to Coach and Debbie, and resisted the urge to join in an alliance full of people who had previously wanted her gone.  We had the pleasure of speaking with Sierra today about all things Survivor, and you can check it out below.

Below you will find the full mp3 audio of Sierra's interview, as well as the full written transcript.

Hey, this is Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV and I'm here with Sierra Reed from Survivor Tocantins. Sierra, how are you doing?

Good, I'm doing great.

So what were you expecting to see during last night's episode, and how did that compare to how it actually turned out?

(laughs) Everything you saw was pretty true to form.  What I wasn't expecting to see more than what I was expecting was - I knew Coach was lying, but when I saw him pull the super big lie, like "Sierra came up to me and I told her no," and then he began to say Debbie and Sierra came up to him, and I literally screamed at the TV.  I almost picked it up and threw it out the window.  But, what I was hoping to see got shown.  In reality what I was hoping to see myself not leave. (laughs)  But, it still happened.  You're like "maybe something happened."  You're even biting your nails.  It's like, "You know the outcome, why are you doing this?"

Were you worried at all how they would edit the episode, and at the end of it did you feel vindicated at all?

I was definitely vindicated and I have never been worried once how they would edit how I behaved.  People say "She must have been doing something else because they didn't like her," you know?  The way they edited me was true to form.  I never really lied, I played with heart, I played with invested emotion, rather than playing as though it was a game, which I think was my greatest downfall because I invested my emotions wholeheartedly in these people and that's why it hurt so bad to be so ridiculed by them. I'm just proud of myself, but I stayed true to form.  What's your seeing is what you get with me.

There's nothing more frustrating then someone sticking to a lie when it's at your expense.  So how awful was it, especially at tribal council, when Coach went into that long tirade?

Ugh.  UGH.  AHH.  When I watched it last night I cringed.  I waited for him to finish speaking so I could just nail him.  And I did, and it felt so good to watch.  Oh my gosh, I'm really happy with the way they portrayed it.  The only thing I wish they would have shown is when I continued to go off and tell him, like "Now you do the right thing and fall on your sword."  It was a great conversation to have.  At that moment, I finally felt free to speak my mind because I knew I was going and I was sure as heck going to stir the pot before I left.

Why do you think Coach and Tyson from the beginning singled you out to pick on?

Coach and I had a brother-sister relationship, so although you didn't really get to see the moments when we were actually really close, I think they showed one in the clip show where we hugged.  Coach is hard on me because I think he actually truly saw potential in me.  We did have our moments, we loved to always be right, so we would love to show each other be wrong, and I think that's what you consider fighting.  I think he truly wanted me out because Brendan stole his masculinity and I was attached to Brendan and I think he wished he could have been Brendan and had Brendan's pride, but he was none of that.  So, I think that is why he went after me.  Whether he defeated Brendan or not, he was still half the person Brendan was in the game.

For obvious reasons, Coach has become the big talking point of the season. You've had a lot of time now to kind of look back - what is your take on Coach?  How do you feel about him now?

The way I feel about Coach now is the way I feel about everyone (on Survivor), in that we are tied together in some crazy, crazy experience and we all truly care for each other.  I feel like the last nine or ten people, we all truly, truly care for each other.  When I came home, I missed being around them, as weird as that sounds.  What you don't see on TV, at the end of the night, we all truly needed each other to survive, in order to be there, to stay sane during rainstorms for two days, and near hypothermia and starvation.  We were all like Mowgli from Jungle Book, we were just figuring out life out there and doing it together and it formed the beautiful relationships we built.  The other part, unfortunately, sucks.  We had to vote people out and be shrewd, but the way I feel about Coach - the way I feel about Coach is the way I feel about Tyson.  Tyson got his on his own and I didn't even need to help and Coach did it to himself, and all I did was unveil it.  So, they both got theirs and I was a part of both situations.  I feel good about that, I mean, I don't have to say mean things to vindicate how I feel about them.  I don't have to, it already happened to them.  Coach looks like a liar, and I highly doubt his parents are answering his phone calls. And Tyson is probably cast out of Mormon Provo right now, probably hitchhiking somewhere, you know?

Did you consider at all rejoining the Timbira alliance-

No.  Not at all.

Do you think that would have...it seemed to the viewer that that would have maybe assured you a couple of more weeks in the game?

If we could have gotten Erinn, absolutely.  What do you do when the whole entire game you have been playing an honest game and in your heart, you've been playing with your heart, you fake for three days and you have a beautiful conversation with Coach, and when I watched I even cried, a true conversation and he still can't save you?  I was at their mercy for three days asking for their forgiveness.  He comes to me in the first thirty seconds, he basically demands my vote?  Screw you.  You know, you don't own my vote.  I begged for yours for three days, I groveled at your feet, I tried to say sorry.  He just basically asked where my loyalty was.  No way,  Uh-uh.   I would rather go home with dignity, pride and honesty then to have to succumb to being a part of their group in order for me to last another three days.  

Well, how about this - did you consider maybe saying you would join that alliance, joining up with Jalapao and then getting Coach or Debbie out?

I think that if I would have said that I was part of that alliance I could not have later outed Coach for lying.  I saw that coming, I saw him asking that and I saw my way into Jalapao by using what they asked me, in return exchanging that with Jalapao to show that Coach was not trustworthy with them.

Was there anything edited out over the course of the season that you wish they had shown?

Yeah!  I made an idol for Erinn and she dug for it for two days, and it was amazing to watch. I started the first fire in our camp, the very very first fire and I was still super sick.  It felt good to watch.  I climbed all the trees and got all the fruit.  I was a very big provider for camp.  It was an awesome experience and I wish you would have seen the survival aspects, because I think I pretty much kicked ass on the survival aspects, because I studied.  I studied how to build shelter, I studied how to make fire with flint at home and I studied all the survival manuals.  I was really prepared.  I really wanted that to be shown, but it wasn't. And that's OK, because what it really would have showed too was myself and it was an amazing thing.  If some guys wanna go camping, they can kick it with me because I can for sure hold my own.

All right, Sierra.  You have any big plans for the future?

Yeah, in the wings I have a potential travel show.  Traveling to 11 countries, I'd host.  I'm leaving for New Zealand and Sydney this summer to go work on fashion week.  I have a jewelry collection coming and I'm still continuing to model.  But, these were all things I was doing before.  I'm just getting right back into them.

Cool, Sierra, I appreciate the time.

It was great talking to you.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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