Exclusive Interview: Mookie Lee, 11th Survivor Voted Off
Exclusive Interview: Mookie Lee, 11th Survivor Voted Off
The Four Horsemen was a nice thought, but the Survivor alliance fell through the second that Mookie Lee told Dre "Dreamz" Herd that they had an immunity idol at their disposal.  The unraveling of a possibly formidable alliance began at that moment, and Mookie Lee finally fell victim last night.  Mookie was voted off to little surprise; he was a sitting duck through little fault of his own.  Mookie stopped by earlier this afternoon to discuss his time Survivor with us.

Below you will find both the written transcript and the full mp3 audio of our interview.

BuddyTV: First off, can you tell us a little bit about how you found yourself on Survivor?  Were you a fan of the show beforehand?  How did that all work out?

Mookie: You know, I watched Survivor a couple times in earlier seasons.  I kind of lost track of it after a while but I was actually found on Myspace.  It was just a simple page and I got a message from a casting director and thought it was spam mail, so I had to follow up and make sure it was real.  And the next thing you know I’m flown out to LA and here I am…here I was on Survivor: Fiji.

The four-horseman alliance that you had, do you think that could have worked out or do you think it was sort of fundamentally flawed?

I think it would have worked out perfectly had Dreamz stayed on par.  But once he was the loose cannon and, you know, back stabbed us it was all down hill from there.  At a point you have to make a decision to stick with one tribe because when you’re in the middle eventually karma plays a big part in what you do. 

For me at least, the turning point for you guys was when you told Dreamz about the immunity idol.  Was that just how it was portrayed or do you regret that decision?

In hindsight I regret it but at the same time I thought it was the best time for me to do it or the best decision to make.  Because Edgardo and Alex had a really close bond and I knew I would never be able to infiltrate that and I thought, you know, further into the future where it was the top five or top four and you know I would need to buddy up with somebody to be there and have someone on my side.  And at the time I knew that everyone on the old Ravu was on the new Moto.  I had no communication with them.  They may have started their own alliance over there, which they did.  And at that time Dreamz was the only person that was available and, you know, I trust him and I thought we had a good vibe and relationship and obviously he was a rat.

Well, it makes sense for some people to back stab, but watching Dreamz these last few episodes I’m still really confused on what his whole game plan was.  Did you get a sense of what he was trying to do out there?

You know I don’t think he really ever had a game plan.  When you’re watching him he just starts things as they come to him.  I don’t think he really thinks out the game and strategizing.  It seems with the choices that he makes he just wants to get by to the next level; he doesn’t want to go all the way.  And obviously when you back stab people and betray them you’re not really thinking about further along in the future when people on the jury have a vote to cast who’s going to win a million.

Was there anything during the season that you wish had been edited in or edited out that you wish viewers had gotten to see?

I think there are some parts where we had some fun on Ravu and maybe some other parts, some conversations that were made that would give some insight into what was going on.  But at the same time you know I think the producers did a great job editing and drawing a story line for it.  As far as it goes with my edit, I’m happy about it, I’m not happy about it, it goes both ways.  There’s just some parts that I agree with, some parts I don’t.  Overall I think they did a pretty good job.

Going into that last tribal council, were you pretty much resigned to the fact that you were going home or was it still up in the air?

After Edgardo left in the tribal council before this last one, Alex and I knew we were on the chopping block.  But at the same time we said we weren’t going to go out without raising some hell and hopefully we did that with revealing the idol.  At tribal council there was really nothing much we could do.  What everyone always talks about is the fact that Alex and I were desperate and were trying to say anything and everything just to skim by and it’s hard to break into people’s mind when a couple strong players are telling these guys, “Hey, they’re just being desperate, don’t listen to them.” 

After watching last night, were you previously aware that Alex had cast that one extra vote for you that ultimately got you booted off last night?

During tribal council I didn’t know that he voted for me but on the walk out of tribal I knew that it was him because we both decided to vote for Boo and I didn’t know that Boo even had the idea that we may have found the idol and there may be a tie in the voting.  So Alex outwitted me and I can’t blame him for making that decision because at that point it was survival of the fittest.

Any final thoughts?  Anything coming up for you personally that you’d like to tell us about?

I’m back in Chicago.  I started a charity and I basically sponsor sporting events and organized events so hopefully that launches, we have an event July 21 so that’s something I’m concentrating on outside of work.

(Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl)
(Image Courtesy of CBS)