Exclusive Interview: Lisi Linares, 8th Survivor Voted Off
Exclusive Interview: Lisi Linares, 8th Survivor Voted Off
Lisi Linares became the eighth cast-off on Survivor: Fiji last night, another victim of the seemingly cursed Ravu tribe.  Lisi began the season at the comfortable Moto camp but after a tribal shake-up, she found herself the only female member of the new Ravu tribe.  Lisi's spirit got somewhat broken down near the end, but understandably so: she took many a trip to Exile Island.  Earlier today, Lisi stopped by and spoke with us about her time on the show.

Below, you'll find the transcript of the interview, as well as the full audio.

BuddyTV: How did you find yourself on Survivor?  Was it something you had always wanted to do?  Were you a fan on the show beforehand?

Lisi:  I was very unfamiliar with the show but I just went in it for fun.  I wanted to see what happens.  I wanted to see how I was going to deal with certain situations.  You know, challenge.

One of the challenges, for you especially, was going from the Moto camp to the Ravu camp. That has to be one of the worst transitions you can think of.  How bad was it?

It sucked.  It sucked really bad.  I knew that it was the beginning of the end for me.  Because that meant that I would have to readjust and I would have to really deal with unpleasantness like bugs and living on palm fronds and like stuff that was just really out there for me.  And I was really happy that I was doing all my like campfire stuff at Moto and I got to sleep on a bed.  And I was like, “Yea! This is fun.  I’m roughing it!”  And then all of a sudden it’s like, “Oh no!”

Well you know there were a couple instances in those last few episodes where you kind of expressed your desire to leave the show.  I mean was it just the camp, the transition to the have-not camp that sparked that or was it something else, losing the challenges and what not?

Exile Island did it to me.  I was like, “This is ridiculous.”  And furthermore to go back to a tribe where all these boys kept on losing and I was the one going to Exile Island I was like,  “Oh no, I’m literally getting like the raw deal here. Forget it.”  And I really tried to like, it was just so frustrating because they were all like big muscle bound guys and they still couldn’t throw a spear and the one that has to like deal with it is me on Exile Island. And it’s like great, that’s just great.  Tell me that does not warrant somebody calling them losers.  I mean, really guys.

Watching the show from home was there anything editing wise that you wish they had shown or do you think that they kind of manipulated at all?

No, they didn’t manipulate anything.  Everything was perfect.  I mean the person that you see on TV is the person that I am.  I wish though that they would have shown some of me and Edgardo speaking Spanish.  Because he’s Puerto Rican and I’m Cuban so it’s kind of like we were both doing this crazy like you know Caribbean-Latin thing.  It was lots of fun.

Going into that last tribal council, what was your confidence level?  Did you think you had a shot of sticking around?

No, I wanted to go.  I just kind of made some drama about being confused because it’d be fun.

One last question, something I’ve always been curious about.  What’s it like being on the jury?  What do you do during the day; is it fun, did you have a good time?

Yeah, being on the jury rocks man because I mean you have your own time but yet you’re still kind of playing the game.  So you really have the best of both worlds.

(Interview conducted by Oscar Dahl)

(photo courtesy of CBS)