Exclusive Interview: Kelly Czarnecki of 'Survivor: Gabon'
Exclusive Interview: Kelly Czarnecki of 'Survivor: Gabon'
It could just be clever editing on Survivor this season, but it seems like Kelly Czarnecki entered and exited this game without a solid alliance.  An original member of Kota, the dominant tribe this season, she was forced to go to Fang after an unexpected tribe switch-up.  She immediately clashed with Ace and tried to turn the tribe against him but she ended up being the one sent home in last night's episode.  Today, she talked to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview and she didn't hold back when it came to dishing on her former tribemates.

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Is this the first season that you tried out for Survivor?

I definitely thought about it the first season or maybe the second season, with Elizabeth Hasselback. I definitely thought about it then. I was like, “God, this looks hard,” and I was also thinking about the makeup thing. I was like, “Ah! No makeup!”

Did you prepare in any way for going into the game?

Yeah definitely, I was training and trying to read as much as I can about survival things without having anything – learning about how to get water when you don’t have any water. I did a lot. I was definitely in the gym a lot training, running outside in hot weather and stuff like that. So I definitely did the best I could.

I get that you’re out there with your tribemates and a camera crew but does it still get scary out there sometimes?

Oh definitely, especially at night. It’s so scary. I always made Charlie go to the bathroom with me. I was like, “Charlie, I can’t walk outside by myself.” In the middle of night, you hear monkeys back and forth and gorillas yelling at each other, like, talking to each other. You hear these elephants like, rip down the trees. It was like, “I need to go to the bathroom,” so it was definitely hard.

What was the hardest part for you, being in the game?

The hardest part for me being in the game… I don’t know, it’s probably like people… it’s not like, necessarily saying that they didn’t like me but I don’t know. Usually, I’m everybody’s favorite and everybody likes me everywhere I go. Maybe not being myself as much as I could be and not being the funny person that I am and being more outgoing. I remembered like, “This is a game for a million dollars, everybody’s in it for themselves.” So more like be myself and… yeah, be myself.

Before you left, you tried to call Ace out at Tribal Council. Do you think that you accomplished your goal? Is there a target on his back now?

Yeah definitely, I made Ace feel so stupid at Tribal. I made Ace feel stupid right when I got into Fang, telling him who he is and what his game’s about. He’s a liar and he’s conniving but you know what? He’s really good at it. So what he was trying to do was save his own ass and make up things about me and make the tribe not like me and think that I was out to get them when really, I was innocent and playing an honest, loyal game.

If you could’ve formed your own alliance with anybody in the game, who would you have picked to pull together?



I would definitely have stuck with Bob. I like Bob. I would pick Kenny, Matty, and … yeah, those are probably… and you know what? I really like Randy. Randy’s awesome. I would’ve picked Randy, too.

Is there anything the Fang tribe can do to save themselves or are they just dead right now?

No, there’s nothing they can do. They need a miracle. They need to be positive and that’s what they need. None of them have it so good luck.

Do you expect the Fang tribe members to stay loyal to each other through the merge or do you think people are going to start splitting off?

No, they’re gonna start splitting off, especially from Tribal last night. Everybody was actually being themselves and learning that communication is key and they need to talk to one another and not hold everything in until Tribal. So you know, I don’t think that when the merge happens, I don’t think any of the Fang members are going to get along. Clearly, you can see they’re all backstabbing one another and they’re all talking bad about one another. They can’t get along.

Does it surprise you how much Crystal is underperforming this season, considering she’s an Olympic athlete?

Oh God, Crystal. It definitely surprises me because she’s a big girl and she said she played basketball. I didn’t know that until after the show that she was an Olympic gold medalist. It’s goofy. She has no stamina to keep herself up from winning or losing a game. She cries. It doesn’t look like she put in any effort to try and win a challenge so it was definitely surprising that this huge girl can’t do anything.

If you could’ve had the power to eliminate anybody from the game, would you have taken out Ace?

I don’t let Ace get to me but I definitely would take out Ace, one hundred percent. He definitely is not playing a smart game. All he’s doing is downsizing all these people in the game and just being arrogant and rude for no reason. It’s not getting him far. I know it.

Let me ask you this. If you got your hands on the immunity idol, A) would you leave it in your bag and B) would you give it to Ace?

Oh my God, that was the dumbest move to give that idol to Ace. I can’t believe those people didn’t see through him. I saw him in the beginning, I saw through him when he asked me to be in his alliance. I was just like, “Oh gosh, here we go, like no. Nice try.” No. If I had the immunity idol, I definitely wouldn’t leave it in my bag. Have you ever seen Survivor? People go through your bag.  I don’t even think she ever watched the show before. That’s probably why. I’d definitely hide it somewhere!

What’s in the future for you? Are you gonna be one of these players that shows up at these Survivor events and meets with fans or are you gonna leave the show in the past where it is?

You know what? Survivor's a game and life goes on.  I definitely wanna help out if there's charities.  I definitely wanna help out and I definitely wanna meet some of the fans but I didn't think a reality show would ever get me fame at all.  I'm definitely gonna support the fans and help out, definitely.  Survivor... it's life, it goes on.  I need to still do my own stuff and fill out my dreams and do what I wanna do.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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