Exclusive Interview: James "Rocky" Reid, 7th Survivor Voted Off
James "Rocky" Reid, was probably the most controversial contestant on this season of Survivor, and certainly the most outspoken.  Unafraid of calling out any of his fellow tribemates, Rocky was at once both wildly entertaining and exasperating.  Regardless of how you feel about Rocky, he was a passionate competitor who never failed to produce his best effort despite his tribe's losing ways.  Rocky was kind enough to stop by and talk to us earlier today about his time on Survivor.

Can you tell us how you initially got involved with Survivor?

Basically, mutual friends.  One of the people that were looking for the final auditions and having a hard time, and you know, that connection was made.  And probably a week or two weeks after that I got a phone call.  The person who hooked me up was really into getting me to see Mark Burnett, and she made that meeting possible, and then everything else is history.  The next day after I met Mark Burnett, I was on the show.

Were you a fan of the show prior to being on it?

To be honest with you, no.  I mean, I’ve seen a couple episodes.  I used to get into it every once in a while, but you know, seasons apart.  So then when I was actually waiting in the hotel, they actually made me do my homework and study up on the show and things of that nature and watch past seasons and stuff.

Did you come into the show with a specific game plan in mind?  Did you have a strategy?

Um, I wouldn’t really call it a strategy.  My strategy was basically to come in with an open mind and just react to things, react to things and pretty much just try to keep my temper on a number two, just trying to keep it nice and smooth, just flow with it and just try and make decisions and good moves.  I didn’t want to premeditate it too much because I thought that might hurt me somewhere in the middle, or the beginning or end…

Looking back on the show, do you regret some of the things you said, particularly last week with Anthony?

You know what, I don’t regret saying what I said.  I might regret having to get to that point or whatever the case may be.  But that was a long time coming, like, he’s a good kid.  I’m sure he’s living his life the way he wants to and all the props to him.  It’s just some people are not meant to get along, it’s not a big deal, he’s a good kid…personalities clash or they just don’t go well together and that’s it and then you put yourself…now you’re starving and you’re sleeping on the ground and you try to play some mind games with some people, and you’re going to explode and you’re going to give your opinion whether you think they want it or not.  And that’s just the way it went down.

Watching the episodes on TV, are you pretty happy with the way you were portrayed on the show?

I think for the most part, overall, they were pretty spot on, they were pretty spot on.  I mean, the rants and stuff that I go on, there’s a reason for it.  You know, I try to be a little bit…like obviously if I’m at work or something, I don’t just start yelling at people.  I give people a few chances or whatever it is, sometimes I try to diffuse the situation.  But in cases like the situation that I was in, you know, it’s a lot harder to be the mature one and walk away, so yeah, I blow up a lot quicker than I would in the real world, you know what I mean?

Now that you’re off the show, who are you rooting for?

You know, I’m rooting for the underdog, whoever that may be.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a girl win it, or just someone that nobody expects to win it…I’ve always been an underdog fan and I’d like to see someone come out of the blue and take it.

Any final thoughts about last night or the show in general?

It was a great experience for me.  It’s probably one of the greater things I’ve ever done or experienced in itself and you know, they got me last, hands down, they…fair play to them, they did what they had to do and they fooled me, they tricked me, and you know, congratulations.

(Interview Conducted by Royce Yuen)