Exclusive Interview: Edgardo Rivera, 10th Survivor voted off
Exclusive Interview: Edgardo Rivera, 10th Survivor voted off

In what will likely go down as the most important episode of the season, Edgardo Rivera fell victim to one of the more bizarre back-stabbing incidents I've ever seen on Survivor.  Edgardo and his alliance had a plan and an immunity idol, but they also had Dreamz, who single-handedly destroyed any and all chances for their alliance to succeed.  Edgardo stopped by to speak with us at BuddyTV earlier today about his time on the show.

Below you will find both the written transcript and the full audio mp3 of the interview.

First off, can you tell us how you found yourself on Survivor: Fiji? Were you a fan of the show? Was it something you’d always wanted to do?

Edgardo: You know I told myself a long time ago if I ever was going to do a show I would do Survivor or The Apprentice. But in my opinion Survivor is the only actually reality TV show that is actually real. The other ones are kind of scripted. And I didn’t apply for the show. I got a call from one of my friends saying that they were going to call me because he applied for it but they didn’t pick him but he recommended me. And I never thought that it was going to fly and they called me and interviewed me for a week by the phone and then I made a video, they liked it, and then I flew to LA. It was a really long process to get into the show. They really cast the show really well.

Cool. All right, let’s get to your alliance for a little bit. Was there any point earlier in the season, now looking back, that you think you could have kind of changed the outcome and maybe hooked up with some different people? Or do you think you were kind of forced into the four-horseman alliance?

No, I mean, I think I wasn’t forced in. I do regret that. I have my three regrets. From the beginning of the show the first thing that you don’t want to do is get voted out first, right? So you actually pick people randomly just to be your alliance so you don’t get voted off first. So I picked, I mean I picked some right people; I thought that was Alex and Lisi. But then Boo and Stacy I wasn’t so sure about. And then once we got split again I got stuck with Dreamz and Mookie and Anthony and Rocky. And I was really worried because I didn’t see a lot of brains in our side. And then Alex came up to me and we discussed how me and him and Lisi could manipulate Dreamz to vote of the other people and that’s what we did. And then out of nowhere Lisi decided to get us to vote her off. So we got stuck with these two stooges, Mookie and Dreamz.

What do you think was, I mean for me at least, Mookie telling Dreamz about you guys having the idol was kind of the turning point. Was that your sense too?

You’re completely correct. The game changed. As soon as Mookie told Dreamz about the immunity idol I knew that we were into trouble. That was the turning point. If Dreamz never found out about the immunity idol we would have been golden. But I mean, once he said it, I mean he has a big mouth so that’s why I studied the show. I knew it. I mean if you watch the show you could tell I was pissed off that Mookie told Dreamz. And I told Mookie that I was going to kill him if Dreamz told other people but I haven’t had the chance to kill him yet.

Last night’s episode was pretty crazy, especially for the viewers at home watching what Dreamz was doing. When it was happening did you have any idea that Dreamz was doing that?

Absolutely. We knew what was going on. I knew what was going on at all times. I mean Alex came up to me and said, “No, Stacy told me that.” I’m like, “She’s not in.” If you watch the episode I go straight, “She’s not in.” And then I knew that Dreamz told the other people about the idol that’s why…we were going to vote off Earl and I just said let’s vote off Cassandra because Cassandra was the link between Dreamz and the other people, which was Earl and Yau. So I wanted to get her off so that way Dreamz was by himself and we could vote him off easily next. But it didn’t work out that way because he saw Mookie giving Alex the idol and he told on us.

Going into tribal council, what did you think was going to happen?

In a perfect world, they’d pick Alex to vote off and they get it wrong because Alex is immune and Cassandra goes off. But once I saw Mookie’s vote and his name got brought up, I said it’s either me or him guaranteed because Dreamz told them. And that’s why when I got voted out I stood up and like kind of tapped Dreamz in the head like saying “you’re a rat.”

For you watching the episode last night, were there any moments that kind of answered any lingering questions you had?

Ah, no. I mean I was really nervous before watching the show yesterday because I just didn’t know what to expect. Sometimes you think that you know everything that’s going on and you don’t. And in my case I knew. They showed that I didn’t know that Dreamz told them that we had the idol. I did know. And I did know that Stacy wasn’t going to be with us. I was happy to know that I was actually smart and I wasn’t really you know blindsided.


(Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl)

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