Exclusive Interview: Aras Baskauskas, former 'Survivor' Champion
Exclusive Interview: Aras Baskauskas, former 'Survivor' Champion
Aras Baskauskas has done well for himself.  Aras is a Survivor winner, one of the fourteen people to have taken home the million dollars from the long-running reality show.  A former Division I basketball player in college, Aras is a man of many talents, something his Survivor victory only further proved.  Since he took home that million dollars, Aras has kept busy.  He is the founder and CEO of TundraGear.com, a winter hat company.  He also devotes much of his time to teaching and practicing yoga.  Aras currently lives in Venice, California.  Baskauskas recently took the time to speak with us about his time on Survivor: Panama - Exile Island, what he's been up to since his win, and a new yoga DVD that he has coming out.

Below you will find the full mp3 audio of the interview.

Some highlights from the interview:

Aras says that one of the best and weirdest moments of his life was when Terry Deitz fell into the water during that final immunity challenge.  It was at that moment that he knew he'd won a million dollars. 

He says that the attention and expectations of having one million dollars was overwhelming at first.  Since he lives in Los Angeles, he doesn't really get recognized.  When he goes to smaller towns in Middle America, that's when he gets recognized more.

Aras's company was borne from his dad, who had been importing Russian hats for years.  He had some ideas on how to improve the business, so he started his own company, TundraGear.com.  A month after starting the company, he got the call to go on Survivor.  When he won, Aras was able to finance his company, which is still going strong. 

Aras's yoga video is for beginners, an introduction for novices, and it's called “Yoga for General Health and Wellness.”  You can buy the DVD at TRPYoga.com.

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl
(Image Courtesy of CBS)