Exclusive Interview: Alex Angarita, 12th Survivor voted off
Exclusive Interview: Alex Angarita, 12th Survivor voted off
The game of Survivor can be cruel.  Alex Angarita found this to be true.  The de facto founder of the short-lived Four Horsemen alliance on Survivor: Fiji, Alex was stabbed in the back by an alliance member, placing him in a deep hole he was unable to emerge from.  Alex did the best he can with no remaining allies on last night's episode, and almost pulled off a huge coup.  But it didn't come to pass and Alex was voted out at tribal council.  Alex stopped by earlier today and spoke about his time on Survivor.

Both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview can be found below.

How did you get yourself cast on Survivor?  Were you a fan of the show beforehand? 

I have to admit, I didn't really watch a lot of the show beforehand.  I guess one of the casting people saw my profile up on Myspace and contacted me, and I tried out and I got in.  I had just quit my job about a week before that, so I felt like life was taking me in interesting and new directions, so I just kind of went for it.

Did you come onto the island with a game plan?

Once I realized thatI might be in the running for this thing, I started to watch past seasons.  I had a sense of what was in store for me, but I also knew that with Survivor it's just completely unpredictable.  There's a general set of rules, but at any given moment they can just change everything up.

Did the Four Horsemen have a legitimate chance to be a strong alliance?

Absolutely.  I think that if Dreamz had not stabbed us in the back it would have been.  The whole point of the Four Horsemen...we were going into the merge with fewer numbers then they were, it was a 6 to 4 thing.  Dreamz had Cassandra that he was supposed to talk to.  Mookie was supposed to go for Yau-Man or Michelle.   I was going to approach Stacy and Edgardo was going to approach Boo.  So, each of us had a tie in with somebody else.  All it would've taken is us pulling one or two of their people over and it would've been fine.  I mean, at that point, once Michelle was out of the way, it was really a matter of getting Dreamz and Mookie comfortable with the idea of Stacy coming on board.  Unfortunately, that just didn't happen quickly enough.  But, yeah, I think it was a good strategy and I think that, personally, it was my best bet. 

I felt that the turning point in the season was Mookie telling Dreamz about the immunity idol.  Do you think he would have stayed in line with your alliance had he not known about the idol?

I don't know.  Dreamz is very unpredictable so it's tough to say what would have presented itself in front of him had that not happened.  What I will say is that it would've removed the power from Dreamz.  He used that knowledge of the idol to empower himself into a position in the other alliance.  Information is power in that game and without that power I think it would've been easier to keep his vote on our side.

On last night's episode, viewers went in knowing that unless you won immunity, you were probably gone.  However, at the end of the episode, it seemed like you had maybe worked that coup and gotten Cassandra, Dreamz and Stacy to vote Yau-Man out?  Was that a real possibility or did they just play it up in editing?

Oh, it was a real possibility going in to tribal council.  Dreamz had told me that they were on board and it was going to be a go.  Right before tribal council, though, Dreamz gave this look, kind of like "I don't think this is going to happen."  The tides had turned.  And I knew that in a game like Survivor tides can turn at any moment, so it pays to just never stop fighting because that's what it's about.  It's about survival.  It doesn't always go in your favor, there's a lot of luck to it, but if you just sit down and roll over and let people take you out, you're going home.

Anything going on in your personal life that you're like to discuss?

This show was really great for me.  It was instrumental in sort of breaking me from the mold of corporate America, working at this law firm.  I started an academic consulting company that  I put it together with some guys I went to Harvard with and we're helping students get into undergraduate, law school, medical school and business school.  We're helping pave the way for students to pursue their own dreams and I really have Survivor to credit for giving me that strength, that ability to take that risk and go with your gut.

(Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl)
(Image Courtesy of CBS.com)