Exclusive Interview: Aaron Reisberger of 'Survivor: China'
Exclusive Interview: Aaron Reisberger of 'Survivor: China'
Survivor: China contestant Aaron Reisberger was the victim of some bad luck on last night's episode.  First, a twist in the game forced him to switch tribes and move over to Zhan Hu along with James.  When Peih-Gee analyzed the possibilities of merge situations and the numbers, she realized that they needed to throw their immunity challenge to get Aaron or James out.  She teamed up with Jaime and two purposely ruined their tribe's chance of winning.  Showing no remorse, Jaime admitted their strategy at tribal council.  Despite Aaron's efforts to stay in the game, Zhan Hu chose to eliminate him, keeping James around to fight a little longer.  Today, Aaron spoke to BuddyTV about the twists, the thrown challenge, and whether or not he found love while on Survivor: China.

Hey everybody this is Gina from BuddyTV and I’m talking to Aaron, the latest tribe member voted out of Survivor: China. Hi Aaron, how are you doing?

Hi Gina.

Well, can you tell me if you were a fan of Survivor and how long you had been trying to get on the show?

Wow. You know what? I watched several episodes of Survivor and you know, it’s always been intriguing to me and it was a lot of fun. I was lucky enough to be discovered, and one thing led to another, and I got my butt on the show.

What part of being out in nature, the way it is on Survivor, were you the least prepared for? Or which part of it caught you off guard the most?

Really, just the overall brutal conditions of, you know, we’re out in 110 degree heat everyday, constantly. And actually having to build a fire in that heat and be close to the fire and keeping it going so you can boil water so you can have something to drink. And you’re just about having to drink about a gallon of water everyday just to be on the safe side.

How long did it take before being hungry set in?

Haha. About six hours. Wow. It was grueling, you know. We couldn’t get a fire going for probably about the first 72 hours. So we had very, very little to eat, other than maybe some plants and roots and different things like that. And you know, hunger stood in and funny thing you know actually, because you talked about it all the time, but you became less and less hungry.

When we talked to Leslie after she got eliminated, she started a rumor which Dave squashed. She said that you and Amanda were having a romantic interaction in China.

Haha! That's so much fun for her to say. I’m sure you want me to elaborate on that ...

Yeah, of course!

You know what, I mean, Amanda is a really cool girl. We had a good time in the limited amount of time that I was out there. And, you know, it was definitely ... at night time, it was 110 degrees in the day at night it got down to about 60 or 55 with rain. So, you have to choose somebody to actually snuggle up with or it’s absolutely, hysterically miserable. So you know, it was, you’re doing that and you just become comfortable with this one person. You know, Amanda is an awesome girl. And I’m sure she’s going to go far because she’s nice and athletic. But as far as romance is concerned, it wasn’t really influenced.  The sparks weren't firing.

Haha. Now before they switched up the tribes, how were you feeling over at Fei Long?

I felt like Fei Long had a paved golden highway to the final three. I felt like we were going to continue to win and win and win, and dwindle Zhan Hu down ... go into the merge, and then I thought I would have enough sway throughout the Fei Long tribe where we would be able to completely eliminate the Zhan Hu group. And then you have to re-evaluate your alliances and where you’re at and the individual immunities and how popular of a person are you, because once you finally get to the final vote, you want on the really popular people in there. So then you have to kind of re-evaluate. So I thought, you know, until this crazy topsy-turvy world and the twist that happened that I thought it was golden.

There’s a lot of BuddyTV readers who really like you and James. And it seems like switching up the tribes, it completely worked to your disadvantage because if you lost you were obviously going to be a target. So, how angry were you at that twist?

I was absolutely distraught when I found out I was getting picked. You really never know, you know. Initially we thought that actually we were just going to level the playing field and just James and I were going to go over and then we realized that yeah, we were actually going to be switching two player and two players. So I thought, who knows what’s going to play out, but I thought we were really going to go to the top 3. So when I go back over there and get that news, it’s just like: ‘Oh no. I have to stat from scratch. I have to start from day one.’ And when you go in and you know that you’re down three to two and you’re on a new tribe, and as far as who’s going home ... you know James and I were really blind-sided by the girls pulling that strategy out saying: ‘Hey, we’re going to throw this and get you guys out of here.’

What was going through your mind when Jaime just openly admits in tribal council that she threw the challenge? And then, when you look back on it, she was just laughing the whole time with Peih-Gee. Because you’re a tough competitor, James and Erik are tough competitors, so what was going through your mind?

Last night when I watched the episode ... it was just disastrous and so embarrassing. They were just laughing and so smug about it and you know, we didn’t get to see that out there and for them not to bring Erik in on it ... you know, who knows how that’s going to play out and how much Erik’s going to trust them. That kind of stuff was tough to see because we gave it our all and to see it get thrown away like that. But when you think about it, that strategy, if it works out it will push Zhan Hu in an even playing field with Fei Long before they go into the merge at ten. So, we’ll see if it pays off. It’s tough to watch to see someone throw a challenge like that to get you out.

Now that you’ve watched the episodes, is there anybody in the game that you think has the best strategy? Or the best chance to go far in the game?

Right now, my money would probably be on Todd. And hopefully, as far as who I like, it would be James to go really really far, but I don’t know what’s going to happen with him over at Zhan Hu. Todd, after watching the episodes, he’s for sure the craftiest player out there. He was voted the Most Likely To Appear on Survivor and he's a student of the game.  He’s gotten so many clues to the hidden immunity idol that he’s going to be tough to beat.

I’m glad you said that, because one of our other writers, Oscar, doesn’t see Todd as a threat at all and it drives me crazy. I’m like: ‘That guy is gonna go so far in this game.’ So I’m glad you backed me up on that.

Oh yeah. I’m glad we’re in alliance together.

Well, we were all fans of yours and we can’t wait to see you at the live finale and catch back up with you, Aaron.

It’s really going to be awesome. Thanks a lot Gina.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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