CBS Looking for Next Sole Survivor

This fall, CBS will be airing Season Fifteen of Survivor, and the show is taking a break from the usual tropical island locales by taking the castaways to inland China. Maybe host Jeff Probst needed a break from the relentless sun and mosquito bites that go along with the scenic but difficult conditions on those pretty beaches.

Where will the show go after China, for Season Sixteen? It is still a secret, but if you think you’d like to find out firsthand, CBS is currently accepting applications for that season.

This past season, Survivor: Fiji, primarily featured individuals who had been recruited for the show. In BuddyTV’s exclusive interviews with the castaways, several, like Stacy Kimball and Alex Angarita, mentioned they were contacted based on their MySpace profiles. Fan favorite Yau-Man Chan was found from, of all things, a contact list for the table tennis association of which he is a member.

However, applications are still accepted and one can therefore assume that at least a few castaways for Season Sixteen of Survivor will be found through that process.

The process itself is as thorough and involved as ever. In addition to the written application, one must also submit a video application. Selected candidates have to be in good physical and mental health and will undergo examinations to prove this. Background checks will be run, and up to 800 selected applicants might be invited to interview in person in Los Angeles, Ca; New York, NY; Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL; Miami, FL; Dallas, TX; Detroit, MI; Phoenix, AZ; or Las Vegas, NV. If you don’t already live in or near one of these cities, travel is on your dime. (Maybe you can consider it an investment towards a million dollars.) Also an investment towards the million? The seven weeks contestants are out of work, so flexibility with your employment will be a plus.

One odd caveat in the rules: “Applicants who are selected as contestants cannot be candidates for public office until after the initial broadcast of all programs in which they appear.” So if you were planning on running for President in addition to angling for that million, sorry: you are going to have to choose one or the other.

Two players from this season, Yau-Man and Cassandra Franklin, proved that you don’t have to be a he-man or outdoorsy type to make it far in the game. Survivor is still a game that can be played – and played well – by a relatively wide variety of reasonably fit and healthy people.

Applications can be found on the CBS website in the Survivor section.   Good luck!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of CBS)