Who is Your Ideal TV Boyfriend?
Who is Your Ideal TV Boyfriend?
With Valentine's Day tomorrow, love is on everybody's mind.

Have you ever imagined yourself in a relationship with the characters you watch on TV every week?  It's as fine a pastime as any other, but the problem is, there is only one of you and dozens of eligible bachelors on TV.  You aren't afforded with your own dating reality show with TV's leading men as contestants, so how are you possibly supposed to decide who is the best match for you?

Never fear, we at BuddyTV take this dilemma very seriously, and we've developed a personality quiz that will tell you who your perfect match is: Who is Your Ideal TV Boyfriend?

Simply answer a series of 15 carefully constructed questions and we will determine who you are destined to be with.  Maybe you need someone who is highly intelligent but with healthy dose of cynicism like Dr. Gregory House.  Or maybe, you're a demon hunter and need a partner like Dean Winchester.  Perhaps you have a soft spot for smooth talking rogues like Sawyer.  Take the quiz to find out.

In addition to finding out who your TV soulmate is, BuddyTV is also offering personality quizzes for many other popular shows.  Will you be rescued off the island, or killed by Smokey?  Are you Miley or Lilly?  Serena van der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf?  Buffy or Spike?  Find out by taking all of BuddyTV's personality quizzes.

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Who is Your Ideal TV Boyfriend?
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Who is Your Ideal TV Boyfriend?