Top 10 Dream Resurrections on 'Supernatural'
Top 10 Dream Resurrections on 'Supernatural'
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If there's one thing I've learned on Supernatural, it's that the dead doesn't always stay dead. Though some characters don't come back to life, they can resurface on the canvas through flashbacks, time travel, and alternate reality or even as ghosts. There are also a handful who have been resurrected, like Sam, Bobby, Castiel and Dean, who has the distinction of being the most-killed character in the entire series. Given this premise, we asked our readers and Facebook followers which dead hunter they would like to bring back to help take down this season's big baddie, also known as the Mother of All. Here are the responses:
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Brittany Hopwood: I'd be good if Mary came back somehow to take on the Mother of All ... but I'd be just as happy if they brought in a new set of hunters who were also female. We need to some estrogen back on the show now that Ellen and Jo are dead.

Samantha VanBuren: John Winchester! It would be a great ending for the boys and their father to take down that evil b**** as a team again.

Angel McClellan: Jo, Ellen And Ash. Definitely!

Yvette Jonker: Who else could kick some serious mommy dearest ass? Of course the hunter that started everything. So much bad stuff has happened to her boys. Her whole family being killed, haunted, and cursed. The show definitely needs a strong woman again, but on the brothers side. Having someone back them up who is blood. Family. Who loves Dean and Sam more than anything. Who will do anything and everything to protect them, keep them safe (and make sure they both survive this season). It would be so exiting to see her come back and kick some ass. Bring it on ... MARY!

Meanwhile, dead hunters aren't the only ones who need to come back on the show. From angels, humans to demons, we've compiled a list of dream resurrections according to Supernatural fans. Check out this album:

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