Three Ideas to Make 'Supernatural' Better
Three Ideas to Make 'Supernatural' Better
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Supernatural returns tonight with an episode that features Sam and Dean tempting fate (literally) after Balthazar changes history by preventing the Titanic from sinking. In line with this premise, we asked our Facebook followers what they would like to change about the show and here are the top three responses:

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Kellie Hickey: Bring back the classic rock!

Music has always been an essential part of Supernatural, and the fact that it uses and makes references to classic rock makes the show even more special compared to other TV series. Unfortunately, budget demands for music has always been an issue for the show, which would explain why we haven't been hearing much of the good old rock 'n' roll.

Jillyanne Winchester: Bring back the amulet!

Last time we saw the amulet, Dean called it "worthless" and tossed it into the trash after learning that it wouldn't help them find God, who wouldn't help stop the Apocalypse. Since then, fans have been campaigning to bring back Dean's necklace, which is obviously more than just an object that will burn hot in the presence of God. For Supernatural fans, it's also a symbol of the bond between Sam and Dean.

Alena Sportiello Ray: Bring back Papa Winchester!

Whenever discussions of dream resurrections on Supernatural takes place, only one person comes to mind: John Winchester, the character who appeared in only 10 episodes but has made such a huge impact as a hunter and a self-sacrificing father to Sam and Dean. Unfortunately, the odds of seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is currently busy with a bunch of movies, are pretty slim.

Meanwhile, you can check out other ideas from fans here.

These suggestions will surely make Supernatural more interesting, but the fact is the show doesn't really need these changes in order to be successful. As our Facebook follower Luzbellas Noches simply put it, "Why fix something that's not broken?"

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