Supernatural: 2.15 "Tall Tales" Spoilers 2/9
Supernatural: 2.15 "Tall Tales" Spoilers 2/9
Supernatural will be introducing a more traditional character from monster mythology.   One that Lon Cheney could really get into (and maybe Dick Cheney too, who knows.)  With the more recent episodes of Supernatural at best hinting towards the serialized segment of the show, when will we be getting back the epic of the brothers Winchester?  We have some encouraging news for Supernatural fans just ahead, as well as a look a super hot predator! after the link.

The most opportune time for Supernatural to continue its serialized piece would be sweeps month, so that is exactly what The CW is doing.   In 'Tall Tales' the brothers bring in some backup in the form of Bobby, but after his last go around with the brothers Bobby has grown very suspicious of their feud and particularly what is at the core of it.  This should, finally, delve a little more into the mythos as Spoilerfix is reporting we will find out exactly how the Winchester boys see each other.

emmanuelle-vaugier-supernatura-2l.jpgLooking beyond sweeps month we have a combination of classical scares and at least a small piece of the Winchester Odyssey.  In March’s ‘Heart’ Sam ‘finally’ hooks up with a hottie, in this case Emmanuelle Vaugier, only to find out that she is a Werewolf, according to TvGuide.   Now if that weren’t heart-breaking enough, it seems that Sam now has the obligation to kill the she-wolf.  I always enjoy the episodes of Supernatural that deal with more classical beasties, maybe it’s the fact that I learned to read from Famous Monsters of Filmland… who knows.

So just when will the Supernatural crew be resolving the serial?  Unless there is something we don't know, it's highly unlikely that bringing it to closure would result in an 'end-game' ala LOST.  Regardless, Supernatural sure has seemed to pull a page or two from LOST's writers bible, particularly the chapter on tease and denial.

Supernatural Season 2 Episode 15 "Tall Tales" airs Thursday Feb. 15th, 2007.