'Supernatural': What's Your Take on the Castiel-Balthazar Alliance?
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Amidst all the quirky lines and comedic scenes that made us laugh out loud in "The French Mistake," Supernatural managed to shed light on one of the biggest story arcs this season: the civil war in heaven. Everything is pretty much vague at this point but at least we know three things: 1) Sam and Dean were sent to an alternate reality as part of Balthazar's plan to distract Raphael, 2) Balthazar and Castiel were in this plan together and 3) Castiel now has the missing weapons of heaven. With these things in mind, lots of questions surfaced. And luckily our readers and Facebook followers were more than willing to share their theories, thoughts and reactions.

Right from the beginning, Balthazar's motives were questionable -- from the time it was revealed that he faked death to hide the fact that he left heaven, to the fact that he stole the angelic weapons and even tried to help Sam keep his soul out of his body. So why team up with Castiel? And more importantly, what do fans think of this alliance?

Josh Gosney: Its interesting to say the least. But only time will tell whether Balthazar is truly Cas' ally or if he's playing everyone for fools and making a run at heaven on his own. God only knows what Balthazar did while he had the weapons. We don't know if he was able to tap into their power and take some for his own or anything like that. Personally I'm hoping Balthazar crosses everyone and makes a run for heaven on his own.

Valorie Lobban: Cas needs angelic help, so if Balthy forgets his greed and remembers his friend, then it should be a good thing!!

Sindy Paola Lopez Rodriguez: It's a tricky situation right there ... for all we know Balthazar might end up screwing up Castiel! I mean if we didn't know better ... obviously Balthazar has an agenda, no doubt!

Meanwhile, Castiel's decisions are also being questioned by some Supernatural fans. Should he have told the brothers about his decoy plan (and alliance with Balthazar)? 

Caitlin Kelly: Yes he should have. They probably would have agreed to help anyway considering they owe him, and Winchesters always pay their debts.

Christy Hogan: It was pretty shady and lowdown of Cas!! The boys ALWAYS come [through] for their friends; all he had to do was ask for help and they would have been there!

Samantha VanBuren: I think it was OK. Maybe Cas needed them to play dumb, and how better to do that than not know what's going on. If they knew the key was a decoy, then Raphael would have probably picked up on that. Rude, yes, but it was a good idea in my opinion.

Last but not the least, we also asked Supernatural fans their opinion on why Castiel didn't take out Raphael to end the war in heaven for good. Interestingly, some fans think Castiel was just bluffing when he said he had the weapons, while others came up with interesting theories about Castiel being the true weapon.  

Swiftshadow666: Maybe he doesn't actually have the weapons and it's a bluff to buy more time to find them. Even Balthazar said they were hidden so well he needed to find them. Maybe it would cause more problems killing Raphael. Maybe he would lose support from his followers. Maybe he still doesn't have enough power to. Raphael is an archangel after all.

JoshGosney: Cas may have the weapons. He may not. But if he does have them, it doesn't mean he can actually utilize the power of the weapons on his own. Cas may need to rally more supporters to fully utilize the power of heaven's arsenal. Especially considering that Raphael is an archangel with some fairly high powered angels on his side (like Virgil).

Michael Greenfield: I think it's gonna turn out that Cas is gonna be the weapon. Like he put them in him and now his has become them. 

Dana Drabik: I do think Cas is bluffing because otherwise, getting the weapons of heaven would be too easy. And, as we know, nothing on SPN is ever easy.

What do you think of these theories? Who do you agree with? Sound off below! 

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