'Supernatural' Video: The Man Who Won't Stay Dead
'Supernatural' Video: The Man Who Won't Stay Dead
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Supernatural is about to go to the Gods once again with the next new episode, "Remember the Titans." In the February 27 installment, Sam and Dean meet up with Prometheus, Artemis and Zeus, three characters from Greek mythology.

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It's not their first run-in with Greek gods. The boys have faced off with Atropos and the Fates in season 6, Chronos the god of time in season 7 and, earlier this season, Plutus, the god of greed who was auctioning off the Demon Tablet.

As is always the case, it takes the brothers a while to realize who they're dealing with. In this clip from "Remember the Titans," all Sam and Dean know is that some guy keeps dying and coming back to life every day, like a real-life Kenny from South Park.

Of course we already know this man is Prometheus, the god who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to the humans, earning him the punishment of being chained to a rock and having an eagle eat out his liver every day.

See this and more fun Greek mythology action when Supernatural airs Wednesday at 9pm on the CW.

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