'Supernatural' Video: Sam and Dean at the Farmer's Market
'Supernatural' Video: Sam and Dean at the Farmer's Market
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural is about to get back to basics. The first two episodes of season 8 dealt with Dean's return from Purgatory and the search for the Demon Tablet to close the Gates of Hell forever. But now Crowley has the Tablet and Kevin is MIA, so it's time for Sam and Dean to return to the family business.

Or is it?

In this clip from the third episode, "Heartache," Sam and Dean roam around a farmer's market while Dean researches their next case. The only problem is that Sam doesn't seem to care about guys getting their hearts ripped out in Minnesota.

This is where the real story of season 8 begins. The quest to close the Gates of Hell might be the big arc for season 8, but it's also about how Sam and Dean have grown farther apart than ever before. During their year apart, Dean was stuck in Purgatory, fighting for his life and killing monsters every single day. Sam, on the other hand, quit the Hunter's life and settled down with a veterinarian named Amelia and a pet dog.

Sam checked out, and now he's only concerned with the big picture. Yes, he's willing to help close the Gates of Hell because that's a big deal, but doing a case of the week seems tedious to him. There are always gonna be monsters ripping out people's hearts and Sam has trained himself to accept that it's not his problem. That might seem callous, but it's who he is. Go back to the time Sam and Dean went to Heaven and Sam's ultimate fantasy was a mundane Thanksgiving dinner with his girlfriend's family. Once you get past the demon blood and being Lucifer's vessel, Sam just wants a simple, normal life.

Dean, however, doesn't. When Sam was away for a year and Dean settled down, he was never truly happy, ready to jump back into the family business as soon as Sam returned. Dean is a fighter and a year in Purgatory only strengthened his desire to kill monsters.

I'm excited to see how this massive divide gets resolved, although I imagine Sam won't get to leave it all behind so easily now that Dean's back.

"Heartache" is also directed by Jensen Ackles, his third time behind the camera.The last episode he directed, "The Girl Next Door," ended with Dean killing Sam's first love, Amy Pond (a pseudonym and a reference to Doctor Who). The fact that Sam's latest girlfriend is named Amelia (Amy Pond's full first name on Doctor Who) seems like more than a coincidence. Will Sam's latest love meet the same grisly end as his first love?

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