'Supernatural' to Go Less 'Super' and More 'Natural'
'Supernatural' to Go Less 'Super' and More 'Natural'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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A show known for its twists and turns, Supernatural has been one wild ride over the years. And, according to reports, next season promises the biggest twist yet: Supernatural will drop the paranormal premise of the show in order to morph into its newest incarnation, Natural.

The new premise of Natural has leaked from talks regarding the show's seventh season. Producers seem to think that the new direction will bring in a larger audience and reinvigorate a series showing recent ratings fatigue. The new version of Supernatural, which will lose the "super" to become merely Natural, will still focus on the Winchester brothers and their quest to keep the world safe.

The twist? There are no more supernatural threats out there -- the Winchesters and their heavenly allies will defeat them all in the season 6 finale. Sam and Dean will instead face a new world, a world in which the human forces of darkness pose as much of a threat as wendigos or rugarus ever did. Their new foes? Companies out to destroy the natural world for profit. The Winchesters will focus their considerable hunting skills on these companies, remaining in the shadows they know so well.

The "Natural" premise may seem kind of far-fetched, but Supernatural has been preparing us for this turn of events. All of the meta-craziness of "The French Mistake" takes on whole new meaning as foreshadowing for next season. Will the Winchesters brief trip into a world with no supernatural parts prepare them for the new world they have created? We can definitely expect some growing pains.

Supernatural's producers promise that we will not lose any of the show's most loved characters. Sam and Dean, will of course remain at the center of the plots. They will, however, need a trade-in on the Impala, reportedly to be sacrificed in season 6's final battle. Will Dean go back to his Prius-driving ways (previously seen on "It's a Terrible Life")?

Bobby and Castiel will feature on Natural as well. Bobby will hook up with a network of environmental crusaders, providing the Winchester boys with his usual support and information. Castiel, meanwhile, will retire from his heavenly duties and move to an organic farm in Vermont. Apparently, everybody's favorite angel will revert to that pothead hippie character we saw all-too-briefly in season 5's "The End."

While some Supernatural fans may be dismayed by the changes coming to the show, the producers are confident that most will find the new premise as intriguing as the old. And, after all, it's not like the Winchester hotness will diminish when all the demons flee!

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Are you excited about the changes coming to Supernatural? Do you think Natural will have a wider appeal? Please share your theories and opinions below!

UPDATE: Happy April Fools' Day!

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