"Supernatural": The Great Ghostfacers Debate (Page 1/3)
"Supernatural": The Great Ghostfacers Debate (Page 1/3)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
For a couple of haphazard ghost nerds and wanna be hunters Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore are certainly divisive characters in the Supernatural universe. Some of you love the Ghostfacers and some of you love to hate the Ghostfacers. A couple of days ago I asked Supernatural fans on BuddyTV and SupernaturalTV to your their no holds barred feelings on The Ghostfacers. And you all did, with abandon and expertise. Nearly 200 of you shared you true feelings about Harry, Ed, and the comedic entity that is The Ghostfacers. 675 Supernatural fans voted in a "Ghostfacers: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em" poll and I'll share the results of that poll with you at the end of this post.

For now, enjoy The Great Ghostfacers Debate, in your own words:



First up are those of you who are squarely in the middle of the heated Ghostfacers debate. You're neither a Facer Hater or a Facelover, you are an opinionated Switzerland in the Great Ghostfacer Debate.

SupernaturalTv's Bookwrm17 says: "I like the Ghostfacers - in moderation. They provide some good comic relief, but I wouldn’t really be interested in a spin-off show about them or anything. Having them pop up in unexpected places once or twice a year is perfect."

BuddyTV's thatisrank says: There's a "Ghostfacers" for everything in life. Someone a bit nerdy who idolizes what another more popular person does. Plus they're hilarious, devoted to their "job", and good comic relief. No complaints here.

Supernatural TV's Chya Says: "Overall I like them. But only in context.They are a great double act, and a great homage to the Ghostbusters et al. "Hell House" was a good episode, and the Hell Hounds fit in well inasmuchas they were very much their own characters without taking away from the central characters. "Ghostfacers" was an excellent episode, risky in it experimental nature, but it worked well, and offered an outside point of view of Sam and Dean. It did jar a bit in the order of episodes but I think that can be wholly blamed on the shortened season because the ramp up to the finale was accelerated; in the natural order, the ramp up would have been more gradual and it would have fit in better.

I also think its good for Sam and Dean to have a couple of aquaintances that are not wrapped up in the heaviness of the mytharc and the angst.

On the other hand, too much of the Ghostfacers can be annoying; if I wanted annoying comedy, I’d be watching Paramount. Their humour is at such odds with the central story and moods that to make them more regular characters would destroy background and turn the show into a farce.
In conclusion I think, much like a good seasoning, they should be used sparingly to good effect."

BuddyTV's lillise says: "They're ok. I don't love them or hate them. Do I think they should be in anymore SPN episodes? No. It's not like they grow and develop as characters. They are the same in whatever epi they are in. I hope they are never in another full episode again. Enough of them already. Plus, Jensen & Jared are fully capable of giving SPN comic relief on their own."

BuddyTV's Koshi700 says: "I don't love them but I don't hate them either. I like them once in awhile, but they do have the potential to become old if used too much. But I don't mind seeing them once a season. Just so long as they don't dominate that episodes like they did last time. THAT I did hate."