Supernatural Spoilers! What's coming up in February!
Supernatural Spoilers!  What's coming up in February!
What eerie twists and turns await Supernatural's Winchester brothers as they hurtle into February? We held a seance with the most accurate sources in the Supernatural spoiler dimension and came back with more than a few answers.
February 8th - Born Under a Bad sign According to the CW themselves, look for Born Under a Bad Sign to be very Supernatural mythos centric. Sam has been missing for a week when Dean receives a frantic phone call from him. When Dean arrives, Sam is covered in blood and has no idea what has happened for the past week. As they investigate, they turn up a video of Sam killing another Hunter. Is Sam's dark side taking over? Source - The CW February 15th - Tall Tales Continuing to pursue the central Supernatural Mythos, Sam and Dean call on fellow hunter Bobby after they are unable to make progress on a case concerning violent happenings on a college campus. Bobby, however, begins to have suspicions about the brothers themselves as their feud escalates. Source - The CW We learn how the brothers truly see each other. Bobby returns. Sam and Dean hunt what seems to be a ruthless, slow-dancing alien, but is actually a gifted janitor borrowing pranks from tabloids. When Dean confronts him, the janitor ultimately threatens Sam's life. Source - SpoilerFix February 22nd - Road Kill Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer (six) guest stars on Supernatural as a woman who cannot find her husband after a car accident on a secluded rural road. Sam and Dean come to the rescue, but it turns out the farmer the couple swerved to avoid, and ultimately caused the accident, is a vengeful ghost that routinely haunts the stretch of road and Helfer is his next victim. Source - Zap2it Altogether it looks like February offers a much needed catch up on the serialized Supernatural elements with a few spooky diversions to keep us occupied in the downtime. As season two of Supernatural approaches its end, expect a higher density of the mythos centric episodes.