'Supernatural' Spoilers: Benny, Castiel, Kevin and Charlie Return, Plus Sam's Personal Vendetta
'Supernatural' Spoilers: Benny, Castiel, Kevin and Charlie Return, Plus Sam's Personal Vendetta
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Supernatural season 8 went into a whole different direction with the introduction of a new mythology and executive producer Robert Singer spoke earlier this week at a special screening of 'As Time Goes By.' During the Q&A, Singer revealed a few spoilers, sharing with us what fans can expect to see in the rest of the season. 

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for upcoming episodes

Kevin, Benny, Castiel, and Maybe Amelia will be back. Talking about future episodes, Singer said, "Kevin will be back, Benny will be back, Castiel is back. Maybe Amelia, maybe not. Pretty much every season we like to bring the season full circle and get a lot of questions answered from that season, but then pose new questions for whatever the new season is going to be. So I think all of these people that we introduced will have a pay-off." 

About Amelia, Singer added, "I personally thought the Amelia character was great and that it opened up a side of Sam that was really interesting and I thought Liane did a terrific job. But I don't think it will ever be a three-hander. Part of the appeal is this sort of 'the last men standing', that's who they are. We think she's a really valuable character. We liked her a lot and it certainly creates a good complication in Sam's life. We're just now working on the end of the season in the writer's room and we've talked about maybe bringing her back but we don't have anything specific."

Castiel will be crucial to the Tablet storyline. Asked to give more details on Castiel's return, Singer said, "He's really crucial to the Tablet stories. He's going through sort of a trial of his own that's personal. Naomi is very unhappy with him, Crowley is very unhappy with him and he's a confused angel right now."

Charlie will be back too, and she's bringing a case to the boys. Asked to give more details on Charlie's return, Singer said, "Felicia is going to be coming back in an episode; we love Felicia.  We're just breaking the story now. I knew that she basically brings them a case but beyond that, I don't know."

We will see Benny fighting his bloodlust when he returns. Asked to give more details on Benny's return, Singer said, "He was really fighting the good fight to not give into his bloodlust and Dean having to cut the tie is a hard thing for [Benny]. So we'll explore that idea of what he's been going through for a while. But we never felt that that story was totally ended. It's probably not great drama to end a whole arc on a phone call."

A new conflict is coming up for the boys. The boys just resolved their most recent issues, but asked if that truce would continue throughout the rest of the season, Singer said, "I think you'll see what happens is that it's another kind of conflict between them, but it's not necessarily the conflict of 'do I want to do this?' or 'What's my plan beyond closing the Gates of Hell?' or any of that. It's a new conflict. I won't tell you any more than that, but as always there is something going on between them." 

Asked if this new conflict will lead to yet another big, emotional talk, Singer added, "Oh, I think you can always count on a big emotional talk. But without giving it away, [it's] for kind of a different reason, for something that they didn't see coming. Starting next week that thing will carry through to the end of the year."

Closing the Gates of Hell will become a personal vendetta for Sam. Asked to talk about the closing of the Gates of Hell, Singer said, "When we get into this whole idea of closing the Gates of Hell that becomes a real raison d'etre for Sam. It's really revenge-motivated; it's what killed their mom, killed all their friends. Sam will see it as a certain amount of closure if they can pull this off."

Singer is betting that there will be a season 9. Asked if he felt confident Supernatural would get a ninth season, Singer said, "I've been around this long enough to never feel confident about anything. I remember years ago being on a show on an unnamed network and an executive said, 'there's not a stick big enough to keep this show off the air.' Then they flew to New York for the meetings and somewhere over Denver they found a stick, because it didn't get on. But I think we've done really well this year, creatively it's been good. I think by and large the network is happy with our numbers so if I were a betting man, I'd bet that we would be back." 

Season 8 will end with a cliffhanger. Asked if this season would end in a cliffhanger, Singer said, "I'm sure we will; it's worked for seven years. There's an old show business saying 'leave them wanting more' and for eight-plus seasons we've done that now so I suspect that there will be some hanging chad." 

What do you think now that you've heard these tantalizing tidbits about the rest of Supernatural season 8? Who are you most excited to see return to the show: Castiel, Benny, Kevin or Charlie? How do you think the battle to close the Gates of Hell will affect Sam?

Supernatural airs on Wednesday nights at 8pm on CW. 

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