'Supernatural' Recap: Your Dog is Going to Kill You
'Supernatural' Recap: Your Dog is Going to Kill You
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
If you love dogs, you probably won't love this episode of Supernatural. Not only does it show dogs as evil, secretly plotting to kill their owners, but there are also a lot of scenes of dogs getting shot.

Unfortunately, even if you hate dogs, you might also not love this episode. After the excitement and mystery of the first few episodes, this week Supernatural slows it down and provides an episode that's almost all filler. Crowley gets the boys to work for him and Sam admits that he's not himself anymore, two things I thought we already knew.

In "All Dogs Go to Heaven," Crowley proves that he really is the boss by threatening Sam with Hell, forcing the brothers to investigate some strange animal attacks so they can capture and bring him the Alpha Werewolf. The investigation points to the town drunk, but then the man is killed. By his pet dog, Lucky.

That's right, you may think dog is man's best friend, the perfect pet, but on Supernatural the family dog can secretly be evil. It's not a werewolf, it's a skinwalker, the werewolf's shapeshifting cousin. While on a stakeout Sam sees the dog turn into a man so he chases after him, but the dog is hit by a car and taken to the vet.

Luckily, this means Sam and Dean can go pick up the skinwalker at the pound. They interrogate Lucky and learn that he was recruited as part of one of many skinwalker sleeper cells all over the country where they embed themselves as family pets and wait for the signal to turn on their owners.

On nights like this, I'm thankful I don't have a pet dog. The notion that your dog might be secretly plotting your death has always been a reasonable fear, and now Supernatural supports it. If you have a pet dog, make sure you lock him outside tonight, because this episode may have been the signal and there's a chance, however slight, that your dog is going to kill you tonight.

But Dean decides to make sure that doesn't happen by going after the pack leader. Crowley might want him alive, but Dean sees no alternative so he and Sam set up a sting and go in with guns blazing. What results in a warehouse of carnage where dogs are shot left and right.

In the end, the day is saved and the Winchesters have a heart-to-heart where Sam admits that he's not really Sam and that he's killed innocent people since coming back without a soul. None of this comes as a real surprise, so the result is one huge filler episode that was, in my opinion, the worst of the season.

Next week on Supernatural: The show already won me back because it's an episode featuring fairies, which also includes Dean getting arrested while yelling "Fight the fairies!" There's a decent chance he could be charged with a hate crime.

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