'Supernatural' Recap: Winchester Family Reunion, 1978
'Supernatural' Recap: Winchester Family Reunion, 1978
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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THEN: Castiel turned angel Anna over to the Heaven Police for some enhanced interrogation, Dean went back in time to 1973 to meet his mother and destiny was still waiting for Sam to become Lucifer and Dean to become Michael.

NOW: Supernatural gets off to a sexy start as Dean enjoys some "sweet cherry pie" courtesy of two strippers dressed as an angel and the devil.  Leave it to Dean's imagination to turn the Apocalypse into a lap dance.  It's obviously a dream, as we learn when Anna shows up.  She just broke out of Angel Jail and wants Dean's help.

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Too bad for Anna Dean has a strict "bros before hos" policy, because he sends Castiel to meet with her.  He's skeptical because no one can break out of Angel Jail and she brought a regular knife.  But much like the movie Crocodile Dundee, that's not a knife, as Cas pulls out a REAL angel-killing knife.  Finally, Anna spills the beans: Sam Winchester has to die.

Since Sam is Lucifer's primary vessel, she wants to kill him and spread his cells across the universe so Lucifer's plan is put out of commission.  Logically, it makes sense.  But Cas is too emotionally invested because "Sam is my friend."  With Sam off limits, Anna decides to do the time warp to 1978.  If you can't kill Sam, why not kill his mom before he was born?

Cas tells the boys about Anna's quest for blood and Dean is disappointed that she's gone all Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.  Naturally, Cas doesn't know who that is.  Come on, Cas, you should really be watching Damages because it's awesome.  Cas does a spell to find Anna, but it's not where she is, it's when she is.

The boys want to go back in time to help save their parents, but time travel takes a lot out of an angel.  Cas is like a Delorean without enough Plutonium, a simile that earns Cas' funniest line of the night: "I don't understand that reference."  Add the Back to the Future trilogy to Cas' NetFlix queue, though to be honest, I recommend skipping the third one.

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