'Supernatural' Recap: Welcome to Zombieland
'Supernatural' Recap: Welcome to Zombieland
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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THEN: Sam and Dean continued to get the fuzzy end of the Apocalypse lollipop, not making a whole lot of progress in stopping Lucifer.  Sam went back to demon blood detox after a nasty bout with Famine while Dean begged God for help.

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NOW: Supernatural is all about Bobby and his dead wife.  I hope you brought your hankies, because this could get teary.

"Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" begins with a dead guy crawling out of his grave.  Cool, zombies right away.  Zombie Clay heads over to some righteous dude's home and kills him, as zombies often do.

Sam and Dean show up to get the story from a highly suspicious guy named Digger.  He informs them that the dude was killed by Clay, who died five years ago.  The boys are more accepting of this than they normally are, probably because after a season of Paris Hilton, the Tooth Fairy and Cupid, an undead murderer is the least shocking monster yet.

The local sheriff arrives and wants to talk to the boys' boss.  They give her the number to Bobby's FBI phone, but Sheriff Mills actually knows Bobby and recognizes his voice.  It's a small world after all, especially since Jim Beaver used to play someone named Sheriff Mills on Harper's Island.

Sam and Dean visit Bobby and he's surprisingly calm and dismissive, telling them that there's nothing to see and they should move on.  Not trusting him completely, Dean drives to the cemetery and digs up Clay's body, only it's not there and the casket has been scratched open.  They head to Zombie Clay's house and find him, alive.  But the zombie is like a normal dude, scared, and he gives up, asking to be taken to jail.

This confuses the boys, so they decide to take him outside to shoot him when Sheriff Mills shows up.  She doesn't like vigilantes in her town, so she arrest Sam and Dean and lets the nice zombie soccer dad go.  Luckily, Bobby bails them out, as he always does.

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