'Supernatural' Recap: There's No Place Like Home
'Supernatural' Recap: There's No Place Like Home
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural could easily just use the story of The Wizard of Oz for a fun, silly, light-hearted episode. But no, not only does the show rewrite Dorothy's history to make it much darker (the Tin Man was decapitated!), but the episode is actually a meditation on home. Dean is happy in the Men of Letters HQ, but Sam has never felt like he belonged anywhere, and every time he's settled down things haven't worked out.

But with a little help from Charlie's desire for a magical quest, Crowley's nonstop references to the musical Wicked and the kick-ass new garage, Sam finally learns to call someplace home.

Back in 1935

The episode opens in black-and-white 1935 where two guys open up the Men of Letters HQ. After six months of nothing but playing chess, they get a call from a Hunter named Dorothy (daughter of writer and Man of Letters L. Frank Baum). She arrives with the Wicked Witch, hoping these brainiacs know a way to kill someone from Oz. They fail, but the Wicked Witch gets free and is looking for something in the HQ. Dorothy runs to the lab to cast a binding spell that traps both of their souls in a jar.

Tech Support

In the present, Dean wants to take some time off to watch the first season of Game of Thrones, but Sam is busy trying to find a way to track angels using the Men of Letters computer. He doesn't know how it works, so Dean takes a screwdriver and pries it open to see what's inside. In doing so, he knocks over Dorothy's soul jar.

For help, they call in Charlie, the Winchesters' resident hacker, to save the day. She's charming as always, but a bit unfulfilled in her life as a Hunter because she wants a magical quest, not just killing monsters and demons. She plugs into the Men of Letters computer and downloads all the information, watching Game of Thrones with the boys to pass the time. Dean's analysis that "Joffrey's a dick" is spot-on.

Sam and Dean Meet Dorothy

The spilled jar creates a cocoon on the wall, and trapped inside is Dorothy. She's now in the present with Sam, Dean and Charlie. Needless to say, Charlie is super excited to meet a character from one of her favorite books, but is disappointed that Dorothy is a lot meaner. Charlie comes up with a plan to make poppy bullets, since the book told her about poppies being used against the Witch.

Sam and Dean go in search of the Wicked Witch and meet up with Crowley, who has talked to her and knows what she wants. He agrees to help the boys if they let him stretch his legs. It turns out the Wicked Witch is looking for a key that turns any door into an entrance to Oz so she can return and finish her destruction.

Dean has the key, but the Wicked Witch sneaks up on him and takes it. She tries to zap Dean, but Charlie jumps in front to save him. Sadly, this kills her.

Charlie Lives!

In what is becoming an annoying device this season, Dean calls on Zeke to bring Charlie back from the dead. Samzekiel tries to explain that doing all of this is going to make the recovery time longer, but Dean doesn't care. For the third week in a row, Zeke saves the day by bringing Charlie back to life.

Once again, Dean fumbles to explain why Sam is unconscious and Charlie isn't dead. Adding to his problems is that Sam heard Dean call for Zeke. Luckily, Sam doesn't follow up.

Meanwhile, Dorothy explains to Charlie that she died, but it's not a big deal because dying and coming back makes you a true Hunter (just ask Sam and Dean, who've done it multiple times). We then get the REAL story of Oz, one where Dorothy traveled to the Emerald City and worked with three freedom fighters, but the Wicked Witch turned them into a Lion, a Scarecrow and a Tin Man before hunting down and killing Dorothy.

Death by Shoe

Sam and Dean find the Wicked Witch, but she uses her magic to possess them and commands them to kill the girls. Charlie and Dorothy are in the garage, checking out Dorothy's old motorcycle. She has the Tin Man's head (he didn't make it, and he kind of looks like a Cyberman from Doctor Who). They find the ruby slippers, which are actually high heels and full of Oz-ian magic.

The possessed Winchesters attack the girls, but Charlie kicks Dean in the nards to break free. Dorothy holds them off while Charlie goes to kill the Wicked Witch.

The Wicked Witch has cast her spell and opened the door. Behind it we see the sparse and scary Oz, which is some of the most awesome visual effects work the show has ever done. They're really stepping up their game. She summons the flying monkeys, but Charlie arrives and rams a ruby stiletto in the Wicked Witch's skull, killing her. Charlie then closes the door and keeps the flying monkeys in Oz.

Off to See the Wizard

In the end, Charlie agrees to keep Dean's secret about bringing her back from the dead. Dorothy invites Charlie to come with her back to Oz to finish the rebellion. Since Charlie has been looking for a magical quest, this sounds perfect. The two ladies open a door and head off down the Yellow Brick Road. And I try to resist my need to see a Wizard of Oz spin-off starring Felicia Day.

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