'Supernatural' Recap: The Ultimate Fan Convention
'Supernatural' Recap: The Ultimate Fan Convention
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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THEN: Chuck Shurley wrote a popular series of books called Supernatural, and his tales amassed a cult following of devoted super fans like Becky, who enjoys writing highly disturbing fan fiction about clavicles.

NOW: Supernatural puts a mirror on the screen. Allowing all you crazed fans at home to get a good, hard look at exactly what being obsessed with Supernatural is really like.

The episode kicks off with Sam and Dean rushing to a hotel for their latest emergency.  Dean is temporarily startled by a parking lot full of '67 Chevy Impalas, which is definitely time to worry.  They meet Chuck and learn the urgent text message wasn't from him, but from Supernatural super fan Becky who stole Chuck's phone from his pants.  Something tells me he wasn't wearing the pants when she took the phone, if you know what I'm saying.

Chuck apologizes a thousand times for what's about to happen, but even that can't prepare them for what they see next.  Inside the hotel they see a fat guy dressed exactly like Dean.  They also see a clown, a guy with Yellow Eyes and even an Ash impersonator.  I'll need to slo-mo this scene later to fully absorb all the episodic references, but needless to say, they're at a Supernatural fan convention.

Inside, Chuck takes the stage after the host informs the fans of the times for panels on a study of Dean as a Frightened Little Boy and the Homoerotic Subtext of Supernatural.  Gee, I didn't see that coming at all.  But since the two are mistaken for young lovers about 10 times in the first two seasons alone, I suppose this field does have some merit

Chuck takes fan questions, and the best come from a German named Fritz, dressed like the Hook Man.  He complains about a lot of things, including why Sam didn't realize Ruby was evil all along when it was so obvious to him.  Something tells me a lot of fans still have that question.

Chuck also reveals that he's going to start publishing again, which inspires the fans to scream "Sweet Lord yes!"  I would mock them, but if Supernatural gets renewed for a sixth season, I suspect fans will have the exact same reaction.

Sam and Dean don't want Chuck writing about them, but he makes a rational argument that he needs the money and writing these books is his only skill.  During this exchange, Becky makes nonstop googoo eyes at Sam while Chuck stares at Becky, pining away.

Now it's LARPing time!  There's a ghost mystery in the hotel so all the fans dressed as Sam and Dean try to investigate.  The mystery is that the hotel used to be an orphanage run by a crazy lady who killed four of the kids.  Sam and Dean are ready to go, but their minds are changed when one of the LARPers claims to see a real ghost and he gets beat up by it.

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