'Supernatural' Recap: The New Bobby Stops a Winchester Civil War
'Supernatural' Recap: The New Bobby Stops a Winchester Civil War
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Civil War is an appropriate metaphor for Supernatural this week: Brother vs. Brother. The fallout from the revelation that Dean is BFFs with a vampire is tearing Sam and Dean apart, but luckily Garth is here to save the day. Yes, THAT Garth.

The case involves a specter, an avenging ghost that possesses people and forces them to act against those who've betrayed them. The specter was the Confederate Unknown Soldier whose tomb was disturbed when a kid stole his lucky penny. That's right, the entire episode is somehow about an evil penny. I bet you won't be picking up any more off the sidewalk for a while.

Garth is there to help out, and in the past year he's taken over Bobby's role as Hunter HQ with a bunch of cell phones inside his jacket for various Hunters who need help with a wendigo or something. The problem is that Garth doesn't know how to wear a trucker hat or use the terms "balls" and "idjits." But he learns by the end of the episode, thanks to Dean.

Here is yet another example of the theme for this season: Who you are vs. who you want to be. Garth is trying to be the new Bobby, but he's still that goofy Hunter who, it turns out, used to be a dentist as is a fan of Civil War reenactments and playing Sega Genesis (if you're too young to remember, the Sega Genesis was to Nintendo what the Zune is to the iPod).

The Civil War soldier ghost is just a way to address the widening chasm between Sam and Dean. They're not talking, but when Dean touches the Evil Penny, he's suddenly compelled to point a gun at Sam and list off all the reasons he feels betrayed by his brother. There was the drinking demon blood, befriending Ruby, not saying anything about being soulless or killing people with their grandpa, all the greatest hits.

Garth is able to step in and save Sam's life by punching Dean and melting down the penny (Garth doesn't hold onto negative feelings, so he's immune).

But the genie is out of the bottle. Dean said all of those things about resenting Sam for not trying to get him out of Purgatory. But Sam doesn't care. He's made his choice, he was up front about it, and he thinks that's enough. Now he demands that Dean get over it, because Dean is the one who lied about his vampire pal.

There's also some ominous foreshadowing about what happens if Sam is the Hunter who finds Benny and has to kill him. After all, Dean killed Amy.


As is customary this season on Supernatural, there are a few flashbacks to Sam's time with Amelia where we learn she was married to some guy who died in Afghanistan, so she and Sam have something in common.

Next week on Supernatural: Cas is back. Somehow.

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