'Supernatural' Recap: Sam and Dean Meet Snooki and the Collector
'Supernatural' Recap: Sam and Dean Meet Snooki and the Collector
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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There's a disturbing trend in Supernatural's ninth season. The show introduces a new character who is instantly awesome and interesting, only to have them die a few minutes later. This happens again when we meet a magical ex-Man of Letters in Dean's search for the First Blade.

We also learn the answer to the age-old question: What's a Snooki? And the answer is quite surprising.

Crowley the Junkie

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Crowley, the King of Hell, is now a junkie, holed up in a hotel room having sex with a demon named Lola and mainlining human blood which turns him into a blubbering mess who cries while watching Casablanca. Even worse, Lola is secretly telling Abaddon all about Crowley's status. Crowley eventually figures out that Lola is double-crossing him and kills her.

Snooki at the Crossroads

Dean is eager to find Crowley for a report on the First Blade. Sam and Dean summon a Crossroads Demon to learn Crowley's location and they are stunned to learn that it's Snooki! Remember when Sam came back from the cage and asked Dean "What's a Snooki?" Well, the answer is that she's a Crossroads Demon. It's a hilariously little scene and she isn't much help, but it ends with Sam exorcising Snooki's demon.


Crowley hits rock bottom and finally calls Dean back. The boys show up and stage an intervention, bringing Crowley back to the bunker. Detoxing isn't pretty, but at least Crowley has information about the First Blade involving a submarine and pirates.

The boys track it down, but they quickly realize Abaddon also knows about the First Blade thanks to Lola and she's hot on the trail too. It's a classic treasure hunt, with two enemies after the same object.

Finding Magnus

A cougar curator shamelessly hits on Dean and tells the boys that the First Blade was sold to a mysterious man named Magnus. That happens to be the alias formerly used by the Men of Letters.

Sam and Dean discover that the Men of Letters kicked out a member before they all died out, a Master of Spells named Cuthbert Sinclair. He goes by Magnus now, and he's one of the coolest characters Supernatural has seen in a long time. So naturally, he dies about 15 minutes after he shows up.

Magnus lives in an invisible mansion and hasn't aged a day since the '50s, all thanks to the mystical spells he studied. His fortress is a zoo of all supernatural creatures and a home to many rare antiquities. He's a weird, nerdy, magical collector.

He's amused by the Winchesters, but becomes very interested when he learns Dean has the Mark of Cain. Magnus uses his magic to make Sam disappear and tie up Dean.

The Mark of Cain

Magnus wants Dean to become his gentleman companion (which is as creepy as it sounds) and stay in the invisible mansion as part of his collection. Dean isn't so eager, but Magnus takes away his will and puts the First Blade into his hand. The Mark of Cain glows and something mysterious yet obviously bad happens to Dean. It's kind of like an evil version of when Popeye eats spinach.

Luckily Sam figures out the spell to get back into the invisible mansion and does so with Crowley. After a quick distraction Dean is freed and chops off Magnus' head. Aww, he was really interesting, almost like a reincarnation of the Trickster. I'm going to hope that the guy Dean beheaded was actually another shapeshifter and Magnus is still out there.

You Can't Trust Crowley

Dean is horrified to discover that Abaddon found them and keyed the Impala. Sam tells Dean that, since they have the First Blade, they don't need Crowley any more. But before they can make a move, Crowley knocks them back and takes the First Blade.

It's a classic, inevitable Crowley double-cross. He takes the First Blade and promises to give it back when the boys find Abaddon so they can kill her and not him. Maybe if Sam and Dean weren't so busy fighting with each other, they would've seen this coming.

Next week on Supernatural: It's an episode directed by Misha Collins featuring flashbacks to Grandpa Henry Winchester's time with the Men of Letters.

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