'Supernatural' Recap: Sam and Dean vs. the Nazis
'Supernatural' Recap: Sam and Dean vs. the Nazis
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Nazis are the perfect villain. Everyone hates them and they have plenty of established mythology, some of it is even supernatural. So it was only a matter of time until Supernatural got around to them.

This week the boys fight Nazi necromancers. And find their new home. And come across a Golem, which is basically the world's most bad-ass weapon.

Nazi Flashback

The episode begins in 1944 at a Nazi base camp in Belarus, so you know this is a different kind of Supernatural episode. The Nazis are under attack by a Golem. What is a Golem, you may be asking if you're not one of the Chosen People? It's a giant man made of clay, given life by rabbis and tasked with the mission of protecting Jews. He's basically a bodyguard, a cross between the Incredible Hulk and the Bear Jew from Inglourious Basterds. The Golem kills plenty of Nazis, but the Nazi in charge sets a blaze and disappears. The only thing worse than a Nazi is a magical Nazi.

The Men of Letters Headquarters

In the present Sam and Dean travel to Lebanon, Kansas, the location of the Men of Letters HQ they now have a key to. It also happens to be the exact geographic center of the contiguous United States, which I'm sure will be important at some point. Once inside the beautiful base, they're both in awe for completely different reasons. Dean loves the shower's water pressure and free robes while Sam geeks out over all the new information at his fingertips.

Sam does some research which leads him to the Judah Initiative, a group of rabbi saboteurs from World Word II the Men of Letters worked with. In particularly, one member was a recent victim of spontaneous combustion.

Meet the Golem

The boys' search leads Dean to a bar where he learns the dead rabbi was investigating Nazi necromancers. He thinks he's being followed, but when he confronts the guy (named Aaron), Aaron claims he thought there was a love connection. Yup, Dean just got cruised by a dude! Well, not really, but it's still hilarious.

Sam is at the library also being followed, only his tracker is the giant Golem. That's when Dean's cruiser show's up to let them know he's the rabbi's grandson and the Golem works for him. Sort of. The problem is that Aaron doesn't know how to operate the Golem because he used the instruction manual as rolling papers for weed when he was a teenager.

Then it's time for a whole lot of exposition. The Judah Initiative worked against the Thule Society, a group of necromancers who helped start the Nazi Party and who were obsessed with world domination. It turns out that's totally a real thing, which is cool if you're interested in learning more about Nazis and the occult.

Aaron's grandfather was looking for a book filled with the Thule Society's secrets and found it, so Sam and Dean track it to the library. A Nazi and member of the Thule Society intercepts the book, but the Golem knocks him down and snaps his neck, because the Golem is awesome.

The Nazi Necromancers

The book contains all the names of the Thule Society members who were brought back to life through magic. The problem for the boys is the Thule Society commandant, who cast a spell on himself to never age, tracks them down, holds them at gunpoint and takes control of the Golem. He wants to keep the Thule Society a secret, but Sam and Dean have no interest in taking to these Nazi bastards.

A quick fight ends with Sam and Dean shooting Nazis in their damn Nazi heads. That has to be cathartic. Who doesn't fantasize about killing Nazis?

The New Normal

After burning and burying the Nazi necromancers, things settle down. Aaron takes control of the Golem to restart the Judah Initiative. So now he and his Golem will go off to become Nazi hunters. I would totally watch that show.

Sam and Dean retire to their new home base where Sam giddily catalogs their most recent adventures. Clearly Sam has taken to being a Man of Letters like a fish to water. And Dean is cool with that. It's nice for them to have some structure in their lives.

Next week on Supernatural: Kevin figures out how to close the Gates of Hell and it involves Sam or Dean completing God's obstacle course.

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