'Supernatural' Recap: Queen of the Nerds
'Supernatural' Recap: Queen of the Nerds
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This week's episode of Supernatural is an ode to nerds. If you ever wanted to see Felicia Day making out with a hot fairy chick, it's here. If you wanted to see Dean dressed up as an ancient warrior reciting the big speech from Braveheart, it's here. It's kind of epic and hilarious.

Drawn and Quartered

Sam and Dean are led to a town where a victim has been drawn and quartered in his bed. That's where horses are tied to all four limbs and then they run in opposite directions, tearing the body apart.

That plus another victims leads them to LARPers reenacting the Battle of Kingdoms overseen by the Queen of Moondoor. Part of me wants to think that name means something to the larger mythology of the season, like, a door to the moon. It adds yet another thread to my totally ludicrous "Naomi Is an Alien" theory I postulated last week.

Welcome to Moondoor

It turns out the Queen of Moondoor is none other than Charlie Bradbury, the lesbian hacker who helped take down Dick Roman and the Leviathans and who is played by Queen of the Nerds, Felicia Day. The show treats her with the respect and awe that she deserves, which I appreciate. Supernatural and its writers are well aware of how amazing Day is and treat her like an A-list guest star.

Charlie freaks out the moment she sees the Winchesters because she knows it's bad news and she's happy with her life. Still, they convince her to help out once again for the greater good.

We also learn that Charlie and Dean are basically the same person. This may seem odd since Dean isn't a traditional nerd, what with his love of classic rock and picking up chicks in bars. But he and Charlie bond over the awesome faux weaponry of the LARPing world, battle strategy and the fact that they both think Belladonna is a porn star and not a poisonous plant.

The Quest for Knowledge

Sam does his research thing while getting hit on by a hottie in the tech tent, but he sadly shoots her down. C'mon dude, you need a rebound.

Charlie, Queen of Moondoor, enlists Dean as her handmaiden to help investigate. After talking to the elves and others (where it seems Charlie has slept with every woman at camp), they get the help of Boltar the Furious, a member of the queen's army. And for you fans out there, he's played by Hank Harris, who played Emory Dick on the awesome TV show Popular.

Fairy Love

Charlie eventually gets kidnapped by a creepy creature in a skull mask, but then Charlie learns the person under the mask is a hot chick. Charlie is super into it, even moreso when she learns this chick is Gila the Fairy. As if this episode wasn't already enough of a nerd fantasy, we then get to see Charlie making out with Gilda. That's right, Felicia Day and a fairy have a lesbian kiss! You're welcome, Comic-Con people.

Boltar the Furious

Sam and Dean must try to find Charlie by going with Boltar to meet the Shadow Orcs, the group believed to be behind the attacks. The roleplaying nonsense gets annoying so Dean pulls out a very real gun, shoots it, and demands answers. That makes everyone drop character and admit the truth, which leads them to the mysterious tent where Charlie is being held.

Inside Gilda reveals she's being used by her master (Boltar) to hurt people. When Boltar shows up with Sam and Dean he reveals that his master plan was to destroy his competition, win the battle and become Charlie's king. He hates his real life and thinks the game is all that matters. His case is slightly less impressive since he bought his book of magic on eBay.

A fight ensues and Charlie saves the day by stabbing the book and freeing Gilda from Boltar's command, because in this story, the queen saves the day. Charlie has one last hot fairy kiss before Gilda takes Boltar to the fairy realm for a tribunal. I really hope Charlie gets to come back in command of a fairy army to help the boys.

Real World vs. Real Fun

This episode is all about escaping your real life, something Dean tried to get Sam to do since he just broke up with Amelia. Instead, Charlie learns that her real life is just fine, especially since monsters are in it anyway so playing pretend seems kind of silly.

Still, a little silly fun never hurt anyone, so Sam and Dean cut loose by joining the Queen of Moondoor's army for the epic battle, complete with costumes and Dean delivering the big speech from Braveheart to a group of nerds. Of course his speech is interrupted by a dude whose Frisbee is thrown into the middle of the battlefield.

Next week on Supernatural: Henry Winchester, John's dad, travels to the present to battle a creature from Hell.

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